“We’ve Bought the Wrong Satellites” For GPS After Brexit

We didn't think our embarrassment at the current government could get any worse, but 2020 has struck again with the news that the UK is spending a tonne of money on satellites that may well not do what we need them for. Read More >>

China Finally Completes Its Rival GPS Network

On Tuesday, China launched the final satellite in its BeiDou Navigation Satellite (BDS) System, marking the completion of its homegrown GPS-esque navigation system. Read More >>

The UK’s DIY Satnav Network is Likely to be Scrapped

High level civil servants are pushing the government to see sense and bin the pretence that we are building our own standalone GPS network, even if it means going to Europe and asking very, very nicely if we may somehow use their one instead, or going back to paper maps and compasses, or licking a finger and holding it up. Read More >>

UK’s Post-Brexit Standalone GPS System Put on Hold

The UK's attempt at making its own version of the pan-Europe Galileo satellite navigation system is on hold, sources say, awaiting further instruction from the government; oh, and maybe an extra couple of billions of pounds, as building things for space is a bit more expensive than first envisioned. Read More >>

China Set to Launch Its GPS Competitor Next Year

China is close to launching the last two satellites that will complete BeiDou-3 Navigation Satellite System – the nation’s rival to the United States’ Global Positioning System. Read More >>

‘Anonymised’ Location Data Leak Allows Reporters to Quickly Track Donald Trump’s Secret Service Detail

New York Times reporters working on an investigation into the sprawling location data business – in which the paper obtained a three-year-old file containing 50 billion location pings for over 12 million Americans – were able to track the movements of a member of Donald Trump’s Secret Service security detail. And thus, the Times reporters were able to track the movements of the President of the United States. Read More >>

Good News, Rich People! Garmin’s New Nav System Will Land Your Private Plane for You

Those worried about the safety of autonomous vehicles might be surprised to hear that most commercial aircraft can already fly and even land themselves. To date, it’s a feature that’s only been available on larger aircraft, but Garmin is now bringing it to smaller private planes with its new Autoland system. Thing is, unlike Garmin’s other products, it’s probably not for you. Read More >>

Dozens of Drivers Got Stuck After Blindly Following Google Maps Into a Mud Pit

Nearly a hundred drivers in Colorado, USA this week followed a digital Pied Piper into an empty field where they all got stuck. Read More >>

US Federal Agents, Police Are Using Google’s Location History Feature to Track Down Suspects

American law enforcement queries of Google’s massive mobile device location tracking database, which employees call Sensorvault, has “risen sharply in the past six months,” the New York Times reported on Saturday, citing sources at the company. Read More >>

The Y2K Moment for GPS Systems Is Just a Month Away

Do you know where you’ll be on April 6, 2019? If you heavily rely on GPS, you may not be able to determine where you are when that date rolls around. That’s because GPS navigation technology was originally built with a short-sighted timekeeping system that will reset next month and has the potential to cause chaos. Read More >>

ces 2019
CES 2019: This Clever Digital Compass Tells You Exactly Where Your Friends Are in a Crowd

If you’ve ever been out with a big group of friends and tried to rely on text messages to get everyone back together, you already know what an act of futility that can be. “Head to the bar!” “Which bar?” “New phone, who’s this?” The LynQ tracker promises to make rounding up your posse a lot easier. It works similar to a compass, but uses GPS to point the way to a specific person, instead of true north. Read More >>

Rail Franchises Begin GPS-Tagging Trains for Better Running Info

A select few rail franchises are to start publishing GPS data that offers more accurate tracking of trains, giving all the apps that pull in official data feeds a much better picture of how the services are running. Read More >>

Scottish GPs Start Prescribing Lovely Walks

GPs up in Shetland are the first in the country to try an entirely new method of tackling obesity and all the other forms of modern malaise that have us staring sad-faced at our doctors all the time, with 10 surgeries around the islands starting a scheme that encourages the prescribing of walking and birdwatching to help with various physical and mental ailments. Read More >>

Pentagon Bans Location-Tracking Apps in Obviously Dangerous Places

Members of the military and other US Defense Department employees can no longer use apps or certain devices that track their location in operational areas. That means no more Fitbits in war zones, folks. Can you even believe this was ever allowed? Read More >>

CES 2018: Garmin’s Alexa-Powered Navigation Device Gains a Built-in Dash Cam It Should Have Had From the Start

I really liked Garmin’s bare-bones Speak navigation device when I tried it out a few months ago. Instead of a touchscreen, the $130 (~£110) device relies on voice commands, processed by Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant, to get you where you want to go. A few months later, Garmin is already introducing a new version that adds a built-in dash cam for documenting accidents, but it’s a feature I wish the unit had had from day one. Read More >>