Nvidia Might Stop Making Some RTX 20-Series Cards Soon, Which Could Drive Up GPU Prices

Now that we’re getting closer to Nvidia’s anticipated September 2020 release date of its next-generation GeForce RTX 30 ‘Ampere’ graphics cards, rumour has it that the company is already ceasing production of some RTX 20-series cards. Read More >>

How to Overclock Your CPU

Overclocking remains one of the most fulfilling hacks you can do to your home computer, but it’s not exactly something you can just jump into without any prior knowledge – though it’s certainly easier than it used to be. Here we’ll take you through the steps and resources you need to know about to get to grips with overclocking. Read More >>

Intel Says Its GPUs to Rival AMD and Nvidia Will Be Here By 2020

Intel has stopped dancing around the issue and confirmed in a tweetas noted by Engadget, that it will be making discrete GPUs and that they will be here by 2020. Read More >>

Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti Could Be Revealed Next Week

Ready to get your 4K or VR game on? If you're holding out for a new top-spec graphics card from Nvidia, the wait may finally be over. Almost a year and a half since the launch of Nvidia's GTX 9xx graphics card series, the company is now expected to announce the Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti next week during the Nvidia GPU Technology Conference Keynote on April 4th. Read More >>

Stardock Tech Will Let You Run Nvidia and AMD GPUs Together in One PC

If you're putting together a new desktop PC gaming rig, one of the most important choices you'll have to make is whether to opt for an AMD or Nvidia GPU. The two leading graphics chip manufacturers each have their benefits, but never the two shall meet – each company's components simply won't work well with each other. But the wall between both may soon breakdown, as software company Stardock believes it's created a system that will allow the two rival's GPU products to work in tandem. Read More >>

AMD’s Powerful New R9 Nano Graphics Card Fits in Small Places

This year, I bought myself an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 graphics card. It was time to upgrade. And I was pleasantly surprised to find I could buy a mini version of one of the best cards ever made. Now, I can potentially fit my beefy gaming PC into a console-sized case. But a new card from AMD is about to do small and powerful even better. Read More >>

Nvidia Titan X GPU is the Most Monstrous Graphics Card Ever

It's not all virtual reality headsets and VR experiences at GDC 2015. Well, it is mostly, but what's going to be driving the super-immersive PC gaming experiences? If you ask Nvidia, it'd say its newly-announced Titan X graphics card. Read More >>

ARM’s Next-Gen Mobile Graphics Chips Will Save Your Battery

ARM announces new silicon thats produces the pixels and plays nicely with your battery, too.. Read More >>

Alienware 13 Review: The First Futureproof Gaming Laptop

I've owned a grand total of two gaming laptops. It was depressing how quickly they aged. But the new Alienware 13 won't suffer the same fate. It's the first gaming laptop that lets you connect a external desktop graphics card for truly unheard-of speeds. Read More >>

Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M: A Graphical Leap for Gaming Laptops

The dirty little secret of GPU marketing is that laptop graphics chips are never as powerful as you'd think. Think you're going to run a game maxed out at 2K resolution with the GeForce GTX 880M in your laptop? Think again. Even if it's no trouble for a desktop-grade GTX 780. Read More >>

Nvidia GeForce GTX 980: The Beast That Sips Electricity

Over the past year, PC graphics cards have swelled to gargantuan proportions, with price tags to match. Nvidia's trying something different: the new GeForce GTX 980 is not only one of the fastest* cards Nvidia has ever built, it's also incredibly efficient. Read More >>

How to Play Crysis on a MacBook Air

The MacBook Air's graphics capabilities make it too wimpy to play any proper games on out of the box — but there is a way to beef things up. Read More >>

In Theory, This is How the Xbox One Stacks Up Against the More Powerful PS4

There's no doubt that on paper, the way Sony's designed the PS4 and the AMD components it's selected offer 50 per cent more power in the GPU department over the Xbox One. But does it really make any difference when you get down to playing a game? Read More >>

This Is the ‘Fastest GPU Ever’ Made

NVIDIA has just announced an insane new GPU. Designed for (wealthy) graphic professionals, the Kepler-based Quadro K6000 is, apparently, "the fastest and most capable GPU ever built". Read More >>

Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Benchmarks: This Thing Has a Face-Melting GPU

While most high-end Android phones currently sport Qualcomm's Snapdragon 600, there's another chip announced earlier this year waiting to hit the scene: the Snapdragon 800. Now, the first benchmarks of that new chip are in — and its GPU promises to smoke the competition. Read More >>