The Grand Canyon Looks Creepy When Filled With Fog

December 11 was a weird day at the Grand Canyon. Read More >>

Why a 1956 Plane Crash Site in the Grand Canyon Was Named a Landmark

In 1956 two planes collided over the Arizona desert, killing all 128 people on board and scattering the debris deep inside the Grand Canyon. This week, the National Park Service designated the crash site a National Historic Landmark—even though they don't actually want you to go visit it. Read More >>

Antarctic Ice is Hiding a Super-Trench Way Deeper Than the Grand Canyon

The ice sheet that covers Antarctica is ancient, hiding a whole landscape of mountains and valleys that once teemed with life (more than 80 million years ago, that is). Using radar and satellite footage, scientists are studying this hidden world—and they just found a two mile deep canyon down there. Read More >>

There’s a Major Grand Canyon Controversy Going On Right Now

Conventional Grand Canyon wisdom holds two things to be true: it is exceptionally deep, and about five million years old. A new study, though, has pegged the yawning chasm's age as more than 10 times older than previously thought. Read More >>

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This Grand Canyon Time Lapse Is So Jaw Dropping That You Don’t Even Need to See It in Real Life

The Grand Canyon is one of those natural wonders you have to see in real life to truly appreciate. It's jaw droppingly gorgeous and looks like another world. Well, that's what I thought until I saw this time lapse of the Grand Canyon. Using over 80,000 photos, the video is better than an ordinary visit to Grand Canyon. After you watch this, you'd have seen it all. Read More >>

Who Wouldn’t Want a Twin-Engine Jet-Powered Harley?

It's like the Sons of Anarchy and Evel Knievel conceived a kinky lovechild while jumping over the Grand Canyon aboard rocket sleds. Read More >>