GTA Parent Company Take Two is Suing the BBC

If you were one of the many souls stocking up on popcorn ahead of watching Gamechanger – the BBC's forthcoming docu-drama about the rise of Rockstar Games and the controversies surrounding its Grand Theft Auto series – we have some bad news. You might have a long wait for it. And it might not see the light of day at all. Read More >>

Some Grand Theft Auto V Mods are Sticking Malware on Your PC

The Grand Theft Auto V modding community has produced some pretty wicked add-ons to Rockstar's sandbox. Players have been able to enjoy using Gravity Guns, Car Cannons and the ability to soar throughout the giant, sprawling map like Superman if the mood takes them. What they probably didn't realise, however, is that certain mods have been cheekily installing malware on their PCs. Whoops! Read More >>

Modders Flood GTA V and Create an Insane “Car Gun”

Grand Theft Auto V has offered modders heaps of opportunities to tinker about in Los Santos, creating everything from personalised licence plates to gravity guns to the ability to dress up as a cop and fight crime without getting a Wanted level. Read More >>

GTA V for PC Has Been Delayed to March as Minimum Specs are Revealed

Some good news and some bad news, PC gamers. Which do you want first? Of course: the bad news. Grand Theft Auto V's long-awaited arrival on PC has been pushed back yet again, with a new release date of March 24th, 2015 announced this afternoon. Read More >>

GTA 5 Looks Better on PS4 – or at Least the Trailer Does

Now that the inevitable has happened and versions of Grand Theft Auto V for PS4, PC and Xbox One have been announced, it's time to discuss what's on everybody's minds: how's the 2014 version going to look? Pretty good if the trailers are any indication. Read More >>

Grand Theft Auto Online’s DIY Mission Editor Lands This Week

Just when you thought you'd had all the  Grand Theft Auto 5 carnage you could stomach, Rockstar is ready to drag you back onto the blood-soaked streets of San Andreas once more. Or, more specifically, back to GTA Online: this week the company will be launching a do-it-yourself mission editor for the multiplayer portion of the game. Read More >>

Rockstar Hopes to Fix GTA Online Car Crash Launch With Patch Today (Updated)

It may be one of the most successful single player games of all time, but Grand Theft Auto 5's multiplayer mode GTA Online has had the sort of launch that'd make Joe Pesci's character from Casino reach for a pen. From server errors to game-breaking glitches, it's been a rough start for the online portion of the game, but the worst may soon be over, say developers Rockstar. Read More >>

GTA Online Revs Up Today at 12pm GMT: Murderous Joyriding, With Friends!

If ever you needed a reason to pull a half-day sickie from work or school, this is it: GTA Online, the multiplayer portion of Rockstar's record-breaking open world crime sim Grand Theft Auto V, launches in the UK today at 12pm GMT. Read More >>