Samsung Doesn’t Think That GTA Mod Is Very Funny

The only good to come out of the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 nightmare was a clever Grand Theft Auto mod which replaced the game’s sticky bomb with The Phone That Explodes. Our article on the initial video ended with a challenge: Your move, Samsung. We didn’t expect them to take that literally. Read More >>

GTA 5 Mod Adds Exploding Galaxy Note 7

The Galaxy Note 7 isn’t so great as a phone, mainly because of its propensity to explode. Read More >>

Grand Theft Auto 5 Actor Suits up for Possible Single Player Expansion

The actor who portrays Grand Theft Auto 5 character Franklin has got the gaming parts of the internet even hotter and more flustered than usual, by posting an image to Instagram. It's a photo of him in a motion capture suit, sitting casually in what appears to be the heart (or reception) of GTA developer Rockstar; clearly hinting that the GTA development machine is firing up again. Read More >>

So, Rockstar Didn’t Enjoy BBC GTA Movie The Gamechangers…

Last night saw the BBC's premier screening of its drama-biopic The Gamechangers. Read More >>

Make GTA V Even More Insane With These 10 Mad Mods

The Grand Theft Auto series on PC has always been a haven for modders. Perhaps its the ability to create endless chaos that appeals. Maybe it's the notion of playing God for a bit in a city devoid of morals. Whatever it is, the recently released Grand Theft Auto V PC edition has already produced quite a few worthwhile mods for those who like their entertainment a little left of the dial. If Trevor's antics are a little tame for your unhinged tastes, give this selection of these truly insane mods a whirl. Once you've found the ones you like, head here to download them. Read More >>

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GTA In Real Life, Courtesy of a Drone Cam and Photoshop

Someone out in this wide world of ours has actually used a drone, some cars, some decent Photoshop skills and what we can only hope are a group of his friends, to create a real-life representation of Grand Theft Auto 2. GTA, IRL. Proof, if ever any was needed, that today's technology is all about the funnies. [Laughing Squid] Read More >>

Headteachers May Call Police if Your Child is Playing Grand Theft Auto

Exposing children to games inappropriate to their age could see parents contacted by the police and social services. Read More >>

GTA V’s Traffic Jam Gets So Insane it’s Hilarious

According to the video's description, Youtube user Naswas was playing GTA V when he felt hungry and decided to stop for a few minutes to get food. When he came back this insane traffic jam with cars exploding, police sirens howling, and people shooting was happening. Read More >>

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‘Grand Theft Auto Publisher’ Tested Microsoft Virtual Reality Headset, Thinks Gaming Isn’t Ready for VR

The first time I saw the first person view of the remastered edition of Grand Theft Auto V, I thought that it must be a future-proofing exercise for when the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset launches, to work alongside the PC version of the game. If you thought the game looked realistic in third person, you've really got to give it a go in first person, too. But, given comments by the CEO of GTA publisher Take-Two, that may actually be rather unlikely. Read More >>

Rockstar Just Made Grand Theft Auto V a First-Person Shooter on Next-Gen

Rockstar Games has been showing us the finer details of its next-gen overhaul of last year's mega-selling Grand Theft Auto V, out on PS4 and Xbox One in a couple of weeks. And the most noticeable upgrade outside the expected "1080p visuals at 30fps" bump (with 4K to come on PC in January) is that you can now play the entire game in first-person. Read More >>

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas For iPhone Puts GTA 5′s Los Santos in Your Pocket

Have you seen every secret that Grand Theft Auto 5 has to offer, and still need a Los Santos fix? Today, you'll be able to go back to where the So-Cal-styled crime spree first kicked off, with Rockstar putting a remastered edition of the classic Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas out on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Read More >>

GTA: San Andreas Hitting Mobiles, Hopefully in Time to Sate Your Christmas Bloodlust

You've seen everything that this year's iteration of San Andreas has to offer in Grand Theft Auto V, and you'll soon also be able to revisit Rockstar's original take on the Sunshine State on mobiles. PS2 classic GTA: San Andreas will be hitting mobile devices in December. Read More >>