Get Yourself a Jacket Made of Nobel-Winning Graphene for £525 and Look as Happy as This Guy

If you love science, keeping snug, the great outdoors, and spending a shit ton of money on nondescript pieces of clothing, this £525 graphene jacket is going to be right up your street. Read More >>

Why Twisted Graphene Is One of the Most Exciting Physics Stories of the Year

Just a year ago, scientists presented results that seemed almost too good to be true: Carbon sheets only a single atom thick, called graphene, took on a pair of important physical properties when they were twisted at just the right “magic” angle relative to one another. If the atmosphere this month at the world’s largest physics conference was any indication, twisted graphene has now spawned an entirely new field of physics research. Read More >>

Most Commercial Graphene Is Just Expensive Pencil Lead, New Study Finds

You might wonder why, given all the hype, there isn’t graphene in every product you own yet. Well, a new study has found that 60 companies that claim to sell the Nobel prize-winning ultra-thin carbon sheets produce utter trash. Read More >>

Scientists Solve Spaghetti Mystery that Irked Richard Feynman

Scientists have spent a lot more time breaking dry spaghetti noodles than you might think. For, if you can control cracked noodles, perhaps you can control the world. Read More >>

Graphene Scientists Invent World’s Most Hardcore Hair Dye

Researchers at Northwestern University think they’ve stumbled upon an unexpected new use for the so-called supermaterial graphene: an easy-to-apply, safer, and sturdier black hair dye that could give other permanent dyes a run for their money. The new dye even made hair immune to frizz and static electricity. Read More >>

‘Magic’ Twist in Stacked Graphene Reveals Potentially Powerful Superconducting Behaviour

High-temperature electricity without resistance could revolutionise electronics. It could take less energy to move electric charge, meaning better-performing, more-efficient electronics that are cheaper to run. It could cut down on energy costs, and might even help researchers realise better quantum computers. Scientists have gotten a step closer with a little “magic” twist. Read More >>

Samsung’s Graphene Balls Promise Five-Times-Faster Battery Charging

Here's a new battery technology that doesn't sound like a fictional, thousand-years-away dream -- graphene balls. It's the latest thing from researchers at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, who promise the dream of a full charge for your needlessly large smartphone in around 12 minutes. Read More >>

A Graphene Speaker With No Moving Parts Uses Heat to Produce Sound

The traditional speaker design involves the use of a vibrating membrane that pushes air to create sound waves that travel to your ears. The technology has been in use for well over a century, but scientists at the University of Exeter might have found a way to improve how speakers work—eliminating movement altogether—using the wonder material graphene. Read More >>

Make Some Noise for Graphene Aerogel Speakers

Audio is one of the hot battlegrounds in mobile technology, but no matter how good speakers have become they still operate on the century-old concept of making sound by moving a diaphragm to push air molecules around. Read More >>

How Graphene Is Made

It’s so interesting to watch the magic material that is graphene get made, because you can’t really see a damn thing. It’s totally transparent and only one atom thick, so it’s basically creating invisibility with the help of other materials. Read More >>

Scientists Finally Made Carbyne—a Material Stronger Than Graphene—That Lasts

Several years ago, scientists calculated the properties of an exotic form of carbon—called Carbyne—and found that it promised more strength and stiffness than any other known material. Now, it’s finally been made in stable form inside an Austrian lab. Read More >>

Microbot Navy Might Swim About Absorbing Lead from the Sea

Scientists have come up with a new potential use for both graphene and little robots, suggesting that a fleet of "graphene oxide-based microbots" might one day swim around everywhere, hoovering up all the chemicals we spew into the world. Read More >>

Crumpled Graphene Can Be Even Better Than the Flat Stuff

Screwing up a nice flat sheet of paper is usually a sign of failure — but if the material in question is the supermaterial graphene, it may be a good idea. Researchers have shown that crumpling the carbon-based material can actually provide it with some impressive new properties. Read More >>

This Wearable Patch Monitors Blood Sugar and Injects Drugs

This little patch may look like a waterproof plaster, but it’s much more intelligent than that. Its gold-and-graphene circuitry is capable of keeping an eye on your pH, temperature, and glucose levels. Then, it punches you with micro-needles to inject a dose of drugs. Read More >>

These are the World’s Thinnest Folds

A team of scientists has created the world’s thinnest ever folds in a sheet of graphene, taking origami to the atomic scale. Read More >>