Comic Nominated For Serious Grown-Up Book Prize

One of those comics that you like is apparently good enough for proper readers to take on, with graphic novel Sabrina finding itself among the year's best authors on the latest Man Booker prize long list; becoming the first illustrated book to make the awards. Read More >>

stephen hawking
Stephen Hawking’s Graphic Novel Biography Shows How He Saw the World – and the Universe

If all you know about Stephen Hawking is that he was on The Simpsons and other TV shows, then a new graphic novel coming next year will be the perfect way to improve what you know about one of history’s greatest theoretical physicists. Read More >>

Shopping List
Deadpool Movie: Essential Reading, Plus Merch for the Merc

Earlier this week we saw the official release of the trailer for the Deadpool movie, and it's got fans incredibly excited because of how ridiculously awesome it looks. But the Merc-With-A-Mouth has a 24 year history, and given his popularity that's a lot of reading to get through. If you need to get in on Deadpool's many adventures before the movie's February release date, here is some essential reading, and a few gifts, to get yourself ready. Read More >>

The Nine Comics You Must Read Before Watching Another Marvel Film

Comic king turned multiplex overlord Marvel has announced a slew of new big-screen big-hitters recently as part of the rather terrifyingly titled "Phase 3" of its world-cinema takeover. And while the nine-strong film roster gives a host of characters their own standalone adventures, this being Marvel, they're all likely to pop up in each other's when you least expect it. Read More >>