We Finally Know What’s Causing Namibia’s Mysterious Fairy Circles

For decades, scientists have struggled to understand the strange circles of barren land that litter the Namib Desert. Called “Fairy Circles,” their formation has been attributed to everything from supernatural forces to poison gas and subterranean insects. Now, scientists may have finally solved this enduring mystery. Read More >>

Grass Printer Turns Your Overgrown Lawn Into an Art

Mowing the lawn ranks among the least enjoyable chores for a homeowner. But you can appease the neighbours who won’t stop complaining about your unkempt garden with this Grassffiti machine that grooms different designs into the surface of your lawn. Read More >>

Shockingly, Salem’s Plan to Unleash 75 Lawncare Goats on the City Did Not End Well

Salem has shuttered its programme that turned park landscaping responsibilities over to a crew of several dozen goats, after the goats ran amok, drove away park visitors, and cost the city tens of thousands of dollars. Who could have predicted the plan would go so poorly? Read More >>

Every Meal’s a Picnic With Grass Placemats

Has winter's long and drawn-out run this year completely destroyed your soul? Some of us still won't be enjoying spring-like weather for quite a few weeks, so here's a simple way to recreate that feeling indoors. The next time you sit down for a meal, swap in these faux grass placemats that make it feel like you're having a picnic, even while seated at the dining table. Read More >>

O2 Builds Working Phone out of Grass

This thing here is a recycled phone made out of grass and leftover mobile components, which O2 has had put together to remind the nation to recycle their embarrassingly out of date 14-month-old smartphones when upgrading. Read More >>

Silicone Pens Give You The Maintenance-Free Lawn You’ve Always Wanted

If you love the look of plants on your desk, but have a nasty habit of killing them through neglect, consider this faux greenery as an alternative. What look like tall blades of grass are actually unfortunately-named Pooleaf pens with long wisps of silicone coming off the end. Read More >>

Make Your Own DIY Solar Cells From Just Grass Cuttings

Boffins from MIT have been able to turn anything green like grass clippings and other garden waste into low-tech, cheap and dirty solar power generators. They’re taking the photosynthesising complexes out of plants to create electricity-generating solar cells that you could make yourself. Read More >>