general relativity
Einstein’s Theory of Gravity Passes Enormous Test on a Galaxy

It would be hard to overstate how resilient the theory of general relativity has been. In its hundred-plus-year history, it’s managed to predict things far beyond the capabilities of 1910s experiments, and it withstands every new test scientists throw at it. Read More >>

Scientists Used Galaxies as Magnifying Lenses to See Individual Stars Billions of Light-Years Away

When you look up into the night sky, you see lots of stars—but all of them are members of our own Milky Way galaxy. With the help of some spacetime-warping science, though, our eyes can now peer much deeper into distant space. Read More >>

These Deep Space Images Reveal a New Type of Galaxy

Hubble’s deep field images have provided the farthest glimpses we’ve ever had of galaxies in spaces. Combining those images with a new telescope view has revealed that there are even more galaxies there than we knew—including a mysterious, new type of galaxy. Read More >>

There’s Something Very Strange Surrounding This Galaxy

Meet the Eye of Horus. It’s a newly discovered galaxy system that’s hiding something incredible in those fuzzy swirls of light circling it: a way of looking back into even further and older galaxies. Read More >>

Astronomers Have Predicted an Exploding Star’s Appearance For the First Time Ever

Stars explode on a fairly regular basis, but they’re virtually impossible to predict. Now, for the first time ever, astronomers have captured an image of a supernova they knew was coming. Here’s how they did it. Read More >>