New Juno Results Reveal the Weirdness of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

Surely you’re aware of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot. The violent storm is the planet’s most noticeable feature, defining Jupiter in the same way that Saturn is defined by its rings, and Earth is defined by its yapping apes. Read More >>

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Is About to Reveal Its Mysteries 

Jupiter is the biggest, angriest cup of coffee in the solar system. In snapshots from NASA’s Juno spacecraft, Jupiter’s swirling clouds look divinely creamy—but the planet is anything but placid. Jovian storms, chaotic and spectacular as they are, offer a stark reminder of how awesome and terrifying the universe really is. Goddamn are they both. Read More >>

New Close-Up Image of Jupiter’s Turbulent Region Is Breathtaking

Sure, things are pretty wacky here on Earth, but they’re nothing compared to the gigantic storm twice as wide as our own planet raging on Jupiter. The area just west of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is both dazzling and chaotic, filled with swirling clouds of mystery. Now, thanks to NASA’s Juno spacecraft—and a very skilled citizen scientist—we have the most high-res image of this region ever. Read More >>