20 Countries Report First Cases of Coronavirus This Week As Infections Skyrocket

Twenty countries have reported their first cases of the new coronavirus this week, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to over 82,000 in 50 countries since the outbreak began in December. At least 2,800 people have died worldwide. Read More >>

What Wiped Out Three Quarters of Ancient Greece?

One of the great early civilisations collapsed in a mere fifty years, with 75% of the population disappeared a century later. What the hell happened to ancient Greece? Read More >>

The Looting of Antiquities is Becoming a Bigger Problem in Greece 

We’ve heard report after report about Islamic State looting and destroying ancient archaeological sites in Iraq and Syria. But across the Mediterranean, the looting of antiquities is also posing a problem in economically strained Greece. Read More >>

What Does the Greek Debt Crisis Mean for the UK?

If you spent any time on Twitter yesterday, then you might be surprised to have discovered that it turns out most of the people you follow actually have secret second careers as Eurozone Macro-Economists, at least as far as the Greek debt crisis goes. Read More >>

Google’s Top Hit For ‘Greek Bailout’ is That Indiegogo Campaign to Fund It

What’s the top hit for a Google search of “Greek bailout”? Depressingly, it’s not a thorough economic analysis of how to get Greece out of debt. It’s a goofy Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund €1.6 billion. And the campaign is fast approaching €1 million. Read More >>

Greek Banking Crisis Could be a Boost for Bitcoin

Possible global financial crisis #273 is perhaps about to unfold in Greece, with all manner of people off the news saying that bad things to do with banks and foreign money and Germany and the price of Double Deckers skyrocketing might happen should the Greeks vote yes or no to something this weekend. Politics, eh? Read More >>

Someone is Trying to Crowdfund a Greek Bailout Because Why Not

Greece is not doing well financially at the moment, to put it mildly. The country is broke and can’t repay its IMF loan, which is due today. So some folks are trying to help bail the country out in the way that the internet loves best: a silly crowdfunding campaign Read More >>

Porn Accidentally Broadcast Live On Greek Evening News (NSFW)

It seems smut gets everywhere, even on the evening news. Legions of Greeks watched in horror as a graphic sex scene played out in the background of a report by the state-owned public broadcaster on the latest unrest across the nation. The news anchor seemed none-the-wiser as to what was happening over his shoulder. Read More >>

Greek Police Accused of Terrible Photoshop Job to Hide Evidence of Brutality

With Photoshop's ubiquity, it's actually surprising that we haven't heard about more scenes like the following: Greek police may soon be under investigation for attempting to airbrush out evidence of police brutality in the mug shots of four young men. And it was a terrible 'shop job, at that. Read More >>

Hacker Steals Nearly *All* of Greece’s ID Data

A hacker has been rumbled in possession of personal ID data of Greek citizens, with the man holding a staggering nine million pieces of data -- enough to cover almost the entire population of the country. Read More >>

Coke Sorry About Wiping Greece off the Map

You know how boring it is drawing maps? You know how sometimes you just squiggle a bit to make it easier? That's what Coca-Cola did around the tricky Mediterranean area, accidentally erasing Greece from one promotional Olympic map. Greece was not happy. Read More >>