The Green Arrow and the Canaries Spinoff Could Make for a Stake-Less Arrowverse

The CW is looking to jumpstart its latest Arrowverse series with an upcoming episode of Arrow that serves as a backdoor pilot for a TV show about the Canaries. We have a bit more info on the plot now, which takes place 20 years in the future, ensuring that nothing else that happens in the Arrowverse will feel like it matters. Read More >>

How the Bow and Arrow Took Over the World

If pop culture is any indication, bows and arrows are the weapon of the future. Weird, right? But also delightful: The Hunger Games stars an arrow-slinging heroine. Hawkeye will defend the Earth using a bow and arrow in The Avengers. The summer Olympics will have awesome archery competitions to ogle. And the TV's newest superhero will pull back a bow on Green Arrow. Read More >>