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This House Is a Living Experiment for the Future of Energy

Walking around Amsterdam, at times, feels like strolling through the city of the future. Solar panels abound. Electric vehicles fill the roads, and everybody else is on a bike. Meanwhile, tucked away in the western part of town, some 50 families have agreed to turn their houses into living laboratories to figure out a better way to share energy. Read More >>

This Proposal To Torch Dead Forests For Fuel Is Nuts

Drought and bark beetle infestations have not been kind to western forests in recent years. California alone has an estimated 66 million dead trees speckling its landscapes and waiting to become wildfire fuel. To prevent that from happening and help us kick our coal habit at the same time, a pair of scientists has put forth an intriguing, potentially disastrous proposal: burning those trees for energy. Read More >>

The Real Problem With Fusion Energy

The longstanding joke about fusion—that it’s the energy source of the future, and always will be—may be the field’s biggest problem. Read More >>

Why are We So Bad at Recycling Rare Metals From Technology?

Last month, the internet flew into a frenzy over news that Apple recovered £27 million worth of gold from old gadgets last year. That story turned out to be wildly oversold. But our eagerness to celebrate a tech company’s recycling victory speaks to a disturbing truth. Read More >>

China’s Wind and Solar Energy Capacity Is Soaring

Smog-filled days may be a part of life in Beijing for now, but China is cutting coal and growing its wind and solar energy capacity fast, according to figures released yesterday by the country’s National Bureau of Statistics. Read More >>

LA’s Gas Leak Is a Global Disaster 

One of the worst environmental disasters of the decade is currently underway in a quiet community 25 miles northwest of Los Angeles. Putrid, methane-rich natural gas has been spewing into the air at an estimated rate of nearly 1,300 metric tonnes per day for over two months. Experts are calling it the climate version of the BP oil spill, and the leak isn’t going to be contained anytime soon. Read More >>

How Fast Can We Transition to a Low-Carbon Energy System?

Starting later this month, the world’s nations will convene in traumatised Paris to hammer out commitments to slow down global climate change. Any long-term solution will require “decarbonising” the world energy economy – that is, shifting to power sources that use little or no fossil fuel. Read More >>

Elon Musk: Dieselgate Proves it’s Time to Go Electric

While the US EPA is promising to toughen up emissions tests in the aftermath of the Volkswagen cheating scandal, Tesla founder Elon Musk has a slightly different take: Petrol (and diesel) is dead and it’s time to go electric, people. Read More >>

Australia’s Prime Minister is Hell Bent on Scrapping Clean Energy

Australian prime minister Tony Abbott seems determined to push his country back decades on environmental policy. In his latest scheme, Abbot has ordered Australia’s Clean Energy Finance Corporation to stop investing in wind and small-scale solar energy. Read More >>