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Check Out 20 Popular Movies Before and After Visual Effects Were Added

It’s no surprise that blockbuster films rely so heavily on special effects and CG all the time now. When the effects are good, it just makes more sense for the fictional world they are building and the shots they are making. But it will forever be hilarious to see the actors act out in ridiculous suits and fake action against a green screen. It’s all so damn silly. Read More >>

Michael Jackson’s First Music Video and the Birth of Green Screen

The 13-minute-long, zombie-laden adventure that is Thriller video shaped the history of music and saw the birth to a little phenomenon called MTV. Michael Jackson was primed to re-invent the medium from the start, though, with his very first music video. Read More >>

Finally a Chance to Bend the Weather to Your Will

It always rains the day you're moving or gets really icy when you have a lot of driving ahead of you. Murphy's Law definitely applies. If you could control the weather things would be much easier, and Design I/O wants you to feel like you can. Its installation allows participants to make it rain, produce wind, drive snow, and bust out of ice blocks, all with a wave of an arm. Read More >>

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Weather Woman’s Clothes Disappeared on Live TV

Hello Jessica Starr, weather woman of FOX Detroit, you don't seem to be wearing any clothes. In fact, you look invisible! Is this meteorologist sorcery? A camera trick? A fashion faux pas? A bit of everything actually. Read More >>