Mercedes-Benz Owner Daimler AG May Have Rigged Emissions Tests

Daimler AG, the automaker which produces the Mercedes-Benz line of luxury vehicles, is facing growing scrutiny after US investigators reportedly found that it installed software to cheat diesel emissions tests on cars, Bloomberg and Reuters reported. Read More >>

Australia Hits Worst Greenhouse Gas Emissions on Record

Australia’s finally done it! A new NDEVR Environmental analysis shows Australia has never been emitting more greenhouse gas when unreliable estimates for land use-related emissions are excluded, the Guardian reported on Sunday. Over the past year, Australia released an estimated 138.78 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in greenhouse gases. The last quarter measured was the second highest since 2011, even though Australia has invested heavily in wind power plants in the intermediary years. Read More >>

Disturbing 3D Visualisation Will Change the Way You Think About Carbon Emissions

Scientists at NASA have created a stunning high-resolution 3D visualisation showing the complex ebbs and flows of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere over the course of an entire year. It’s a unique perspective that’s sure to change the way you think about this problematic greenhouse gas. Read More >>

What Would a Futuristic Low-Carbon Tech World Actually Look Like?

Let’s face it, if we’re going to save the planet from ourselves, we’re going to have to develop cleaner technologies. Here’s what the future has in store once we make the transition to a high-tech, low-carbon world. Read More >>

We Could Build Entire Cities Out of Greenhouse Gas Some Day

A team from the University of Newcastle is perfecting a method of capturing carbon emissions and transforming them into carbonate rock bricks. They're just part of a wave of efforts by scientists who hope to tame carbon in order to shape a greener future. Read More >>

This Real-Life WALL-E Cruises Around Landfills Spotting Gas with Lasers

Landfills are pretty wretched places with all the rotting junk spewing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It's no wonder humans have started building robots to do the dirty work in dumps around the world. The fact that these mechanical workers do it with lasers is just a bonus. Read More >>

How Greenhouse Gasses Made Life on Earth Possible

Scientists have painstakingly measured 2.7 billion-year-old raindrop fossils from South Africa. The size of the ancient droplets tells the story of how the earth was teeming with microbes when it should have been frozen solid. Read More >>

Massive Greenhouse Gases Killed the Earth Before and It Could Happen Again

Raging wildfires, acidified oceans and soaring temperatures likely caused a mass extinction 250 million years ago killing 95 per cent of the Earth's marine life and 70 per cent of terrestrial species. Read More >>