Greenpeace Boxes in BP’s London HQ

A few of the angriest and most active of the Greenpeace activists are currently encased in shipping containers in central London like little David Blaine tribute acts, as the environmental protesters turn their fury on BP for all that potentially troubling stuff it does with oil. Read More >>

Iceland’s Christmas Advert Banned From TV for Having Too Much of the Politics

Iceland thought it was going to have the most talked about Christmas ad of the season this year, as it planned to rebrand a Greenpeace campaign about palm oil as its own, then make everyone sad about little orangutans being displaced by deforestation triggered by the rapidly growing production of the oil. In your face, twee John Lewis stop-motion bollocks. Read More >>

Thom Yorke’s New Ode to the Antarctic Will Give You Chills

If Antarctica had a theme song, I imagine it’d be a lyricless, transcendent tune. It’d be both irresistible and eerie. I imagine it’d sound a lot like this: Read More >>

Greenpeace Protesters Strap Gas Masks on Nelson’s Column and… Thierry Henry

Love the planet? Like climbing? Fancy a protest? Boy, have we got the event for you. Greenpeace activists have decided that the best way to force the government to think about pollution is by placing surgical masks and breathing apparatus over the mouths of famous statues around London. Read More >>

Activists Cancel Cable Car Tightrope Walk Due to Wobbliness

A Greenpeace protest that would've seen some of its more adventurous members tightrope walking along the Thames cable car line was cancelled today, after activists got up there and decided the cable was a bit too wobbly for comfort. Read More >>

How Greenpeace Wrecked One of the Most Sacred Places in the Americas

Greenpeace can get a little aggressive with its tactics. That doesn't mean that it's not fighting for a good cause! But after the organisation marched through the sacred Nazca Lines etched into the Peruvian desert for a climate protest, capturing it all on camera with a drone, you have to wonder what the hell they were thinking. Greenpeace isn't the best at thinking things through, though. Read More >>

Everything is NOT Awesome in Greenpeace’s Anti-Shell Music Video

Greenpeace is on a winning run when it comes to using social media to give Shell a kicking, following up its excellent Legoland oil rig protest with this fantastic whimsical take on the brick-maker's 2013 summer movie anthem. Read More >>

Greenpeace (Lego Division) Protests Legoland Oil Rig

Greenpeace has come up with a genius method of highlighting its battle against Lego's use of the Shell oil company's logo, by getting some Lego activist minifigs to unfurl scale model protest banners on some of the exhibits at Legoland Windsor. Read More >>

Watch Six Women From Greenpeace Scale the Shard Live, Right Now

Six female protesters from Greenpeace are currently attempting to scale London's 310m-tall The Shard, (aka, Europe's tallest building), campaigning against Shell's arctic oil drilling activities. The climb is pretty treacherous, and definitely not legal, but it's all being live-streamed right now. Read More >>

Apple’s Data Centres Will Be Powered Entirely By Renewable Energy

Greenpeace has been on the offensive against Apple this week, blasting the company for sourcing the power for its energy-intensive data centres from coal power plants. Today, Apple fired back with some remarkable facts, claiming it's a clean and renewable energy superstar. Read More >>

Greenpeace Invades Apple’s Headquarters

Earlier yesterday, Greenpeace launched a full offensive against Apple's Cupertino headquarters. First, in the middle of the night, they projected messages onto the main façade of Infinite Loop. Later, they placed an Apple-branded pod right on the door, inside Apple's property. Read More >>

Apple and Greenpeace Trade Blows in Data Centre Grudge Match

Call it the battle of Maiden. This week, Apple and Greenpeace traded very public barbs over how much clean power is used by Apple's £1 billion state-of-the-art data centre in Maiden, North Carolina, USA. Read More >>