autonomous vehicles
5,000 People Applied For 100 Seats On Greenwich’s Driverless Shuttle

A prototype autonomous shuttle bus is being tested in Greenwich, and apparently the public is super excited to try it out. Read More >>

O2 Just Paid A Hundred Million Quid To Keep The Millennium Dome’s Name

It seems like forever ago that the big white canopy in Greenwich was called the Millennium Dome, and in some senses 2001 was indeed another time. It was before the iPhone, before Facebook, and before anyone really believed a reality TV star had a shot at becoming president. Read More >>

North Greenwich Tube Station is Getting a New Name

The tube station by The O2 arena is being renamed in 2020, but not to acknowledge that it's the best place to disembark if you're going to see One Direction live. It's being named after a ridiculously fancypants new billion-pound building springing up next door. Read More >>

Driverless Cars Will Soon Be Tested on the Streets of Greenwich

Though driverless cars are rarely out of the headlines these days, the US has had pretty much all of the fun, with loads of major projects being tested on the roads of California and Texas. Soon, however, it’ll be our time to shine. The government has just announced MOVE_UK, a consortium of companies that's been given the green light to trial driverless cars on UK roads. Read More >>