Homemade Remote Control Nerf Grenade Takes Out Opponents in Every Direction

They’re fun, but Nerf’s blasters, even the most powerful ones, aren’t known for their impeccable accuracy. So if you find yourself in the heat of battle surrounded by opponents, you’d be much better off with this Nerf grenade in your arsenal, which blasts foam darts in all directions. Read More >>

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Smoke Grenades Manage to Make Breakdancing Cool Again

Despite films like Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo that helped popularise breakdancing in the ‘80s, the craze has, for better or for worse, become kind of lame over the past few decades. As these dancers demonstrate, however, maybe what was missing was nothing more than a few smoke grenades to liven things up. Read More >>

New US Combo Grenade Hurts People in Two Exciting Ways

The US Army is developing a new type of hand grenade, to make it a little bit easier to blow people up in a variety of real world environments. Read More >>

“Smart” Grenade Launcher Coming to US Army

An upgraded form of grenade launcher is set to undergo final tests before entering service with the US military, with the apparently "smart" XM-25 grenade launcher coming with a plethora of features designed to make sure no one can pick up its bombs and lob them back. Read More >>

The US Army is Redesigning its Smoke Grenade for the First Time Since WWII

Despite the billions upon billions of dollars funnelled into the hungry maw of the military over the past 70 years, some technology has remained the same since World War II—including the smoke grenade. Now, the US Army is choosing a new version that, in theory, will be slightly less toxic than the "classic" model. Read More >>

A Three-Year-Old Boy Found a Live Grenade During an Easter Egg Hunt

In what was probably the most dangerous easter egg hunt ever (or a scene from the next Hunger Games movie), a three-year-old boy was looking for pastel-coloured eggs... but found a live hand grenade instead. Read More >>

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Smoke Grenade Maker: Don’t Be a Dick with Smoke Grenades

Shouldn't this go without saying? No, no it shouldn't—because anyone not in the military buying smoke grenades is probably a dick to begin with. Read More >>

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Who’d Have Thought You Could Make Guacamole Out of Grenades?

This is by far the best stop-motion I've seen since Wallace and Gromit. It's the sheer inventiveness that's just so good. Chopping, dicing, mixing and grinding; watch a man make fresh guacamole out of everyday objects and, err, a bowl of grenades he just happens to have laying around. Read More >>