The Future of Cars is Grey, Not White

In your face white cars, the people are bored of washing you all the sodding time; the most popular colour for new cars in the UK last year was a good old, miserable, foglike, wet drizzle, political, non-committal, 48-52 ratio shade of grey. Read More >>

Rumour: New iPad Minis Getting “Space Grey” Custom Paintshop Jobs

Thought the non-stop drip-drip of Apple leakages might finish now the iPhone 5S and 5C are out? No way. It's now time for people in China who don't care about their job contracts to start sending out furtive photos of the new iPads, with one spy shot suggesting the iPad Mini 2 will see similar colour options to the iPhone 5S. Read More >>

A Poster With 50 Shades of Grey for That Special Someone in Your Life

You dirty-minded person. This isn't some poster celebrating the many achievements of Christian Grey to put up on the wall of your BDSM dungeon; it's an invaluable tool for your inner decorator. So stop giggling, yes, you there, at the back! Read More >>