Clever Chargers Remind You to Plug in Your Phone Whenever You’re Near Them

There’s no point in buying a backup battery if you keep forgetting to top up your mobile devices before they die. So Griffin Technology’s new PowerBlock Beacon and PowerJolt Beacon external chargers will actually send your smartphone or tablet a notification when they’re nearby, reminding you to top up their batteries. Read More >>

This Shiny Connected Toaster Uses Your Smartphone to Remember Your Perfect Toasting Settings

It’s one of the simplest appliances in your kitchen, but how many times have you popped bread in a toaster, only to have it nuke your slice because the previous user had it set to well done? Too often, which is why Griffin Technology’s shiny new Connected Toaster isn’t that absurd of an idea. Read More >>

This MagSafe Ripoff Cable Sucks

Charging cables aren’t exactly the sexiest pieces of technology, but they’re essential to every setup. Normally, I wouldn’t think twice about the charging cable I’m using, but when it comes to USB-C cables, the options are pretty bad right now. So, when I saw the Griffin BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable, I desperately wanted to test it out. Read More >>

The Future of Television Will be Accessorised

This thing has been given the rather grand name of Survivor Play for Siri Remote, a posh way of saying it's a silicone case to protect Apple TV's new touch control remote from damage when you throw it at a wall in a rage due to being shit at games. Read More >>

The 11 Best Apple Watch Accessories: Cases, Stands and Other Essentials

The Apple Watch is finally released today, after a long wait and a mad round of pre-orders. Despite the smartwatch's new-ness, an influx of good, bad, and ugly peripherals have already started to emerge. Read on to see all of our carefully curated collection of Apple Watch accessories, from ready-to-order charging solutions to still-in-crowdfunding concepts. Read More >>

This Band is for Lunatics Who Need a Case for Their Fitness Tracker

Maybe you were unaware that your fitness tracker needed any accessories, but Griffin just launched a new line of these called Ribbon that are strips of material that cover your gym-friendly arm candy. Like a beer-can sleeve for your Fitbit. Read More >>

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This Special Ops Missile Prioritises Precision

Despite their generally overwhelming combat prowess, many large US naval vessels remain vulnerable to small, fast-moving speedboats. But with the latest iteration of Raytheon's multi-role precision missile, that won't be a problem for much longer. Read More >>

Power-Ups and Crash Damage Make These RC Cars a Real-Life Mario Kart

Griffin isn't the first out the door with an RC toy that uses your iPhone as a remote control. But it is the first company to come up with some compelling ways to use the iPhone's touchscreen for more than just steering. Read More >>

A USB-Packed Dock For All Your Phones and Tablets To Call Home

Laugh if you will at the absurdity of a dock that can charge and store ten different devices, but if you stop and actually count how many things you need to plug in every night, it stops being so absurd. By now most households have at least a few smartphones, gaming devices, and a couple of tablets. And with an influx of smartwatches poised to arrive, Griffin's new MultiDock seems like a reasonable accessory. Read More >>

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What it Takes to Stay at the Forefront of Case Design

The breakneck speed of phone launches nowadays has an impact on more than just our wallets: for every new phone sold, case manufacturers have to come up with an assortment of cases to cosset, care for and otherwise maximally pimp the new hardware. So, we caught up with a few of Griffin's designers to see what it's really like for the poor sods that have to design the damn things. Read More >>

Charge All Your iOS Gear From a Single Outlet With Griffin’s PowerDock 5

If your bedside table has become an unmanageable menagerie of phones, tablets, and other devices charging overnight, Griffin wants to bring order to your chaos of cables. The company's new PowerDock 5 charging station has a footprint no larger than an iPad, but can accomodate up to five tablets, or a mix of devices, and charge them all from a single power outlet. Read More >>

Griffin’s Selling More Kinds of Lightning Cables Than You’ll Ever Need

Griffin has just announced the first third-party Lightning cables to become available on the market, giving you an alternative to official Apple products when it comes to charging and syncing your new iOS device. Read More >>

Turn Your iPad Into a Music Studio With Griffin’s New MIDI Gear

The iPad offers great promise in terms of music making, and I'm not talking about karaoke or strange virtual guitar concepts: artists like Gorrilaz have managed to record full songs using them. Now you can, too, thanks to Griffin. Read More >>

Griffin Seeks the Inner Child in You With Crayola-Branded Accessories

I remember the pure and simple fun of colouring-in with crayons as a kid, even though I had zero artistic talent. Griffin’s hoping to tap into that child-like wonder with its new range of Crayola-branded headphones and customisable iPhone and iPod touch cases for your kids. Read More >>