This Wahl Facial Hair Trimmer for Just £8.25 is Your “Massive Shavings” Deal of the Day

Don't like the clean shaven look? Do you think the only people without any hair on their face should be toddlers? Or indeed, are you one of those hipster sorts who struts around looking like you're posing for a calendar from the 1890s? Either way, you'll want to keep your beard or 'tasche in check. Read More >>

Enjoy a Meat Facial With Bacon Shaving Cream

You eyes do not deceive you, although your nose might get a bit confused by what the hell is going on. It's Bacon Shaving Cream, a grooming product for men who enjoy a lingering meaty residue. Read More >>

Bacon-Scented Shaving Cream Is a Work of Pure Genius

What's better than bacon in the morning? Nothing, that's what. But when you just don't have time for breakfast? Bacon-scented shaving cream of course. Slather the rich bacon lather on your chops and you'll be 'smelling and feeling like a champion' in no time. Read More >>

We’ve Been Trimming Our Nails Wrong for More Than 100 Years

Trimming your nails sucks, and it's not your digits' fault. Technology is to blame. Nail clippers. Blech. With a one size fits all design, it's impossible to get your whole nail in one clip. And curling over the bathroom bin doesn't make us any more likely to keep the floor clean of our cast offs. Read More >>

Primpalicious Gifts for the Obsessive Groomer

He takes longer than your girlfriend to get ready. Zac Efron hair is his Holy Grail. Somehow you're still friends, so help him preen with a gift that will blow his vain brain away. Read More >>