Coal Power Stations Use As Much Water As One Billion People Every Year

Add this to the very long list of why burning coal for energy is a horrible idea. The world’s coal power stations are using enough water to easily fulfil the needs of a billion people for a year. What’s more, they’re often located in places where water is already scarce. Read More >>

A Map Showing the Earth’s Groundwater as it Would Appear on the Surface

Surprisingly, scientists know very little about the water that’s located beneath the Earth’s surface. To overcome this limitation, an international team of hydrologists have compiled a comprehensive map showing where and in what quantities this precious resource is located. Read More >>

Scientist Discovers How to Clean Up Poison Water With Whisky Leftovers

Alcohol may not solve all our problems, but it can solve at least one: A researcher in Scotland has found a way to purify arsenic tainted water with the barley husks leftover from making whiskey. Read More >>