Samsung’s Attempted Takedown of the Note 7 GTA Video Has Been Denied

It's no secret that the DMCA takedown system gets abused, especially on YouTube. The latest high profile example of this came from Samsung, who filed a copyright notice against a video showcasing a GTA V mod that changes grenades into exploding Galaxy Note 7s. Fortunately, the request has been blocked by YouTube. Read More >>

Grand Theft Auto 5 Actor Suits up for Possible Single Player Expansion

The actor who portrays Grand Theft Auto 5 character Franklin has got the gaming parts of the internet even hotter and more flustered than usual, by posting an image to Instagram. It's a photo of him in a motion capture suit, sitting casually in what appears to be the heart (or reception) of GTA developer Rockstar; clearly hinting that the GTA development machine is firing up again. Read More >>

Some Grand Theft Auto V Mods are Sticking Malware on Your PC

The Grand Theft Auto V modding community has produced some pretty wicked add-ons to Rockstar's sandbox. Players have been able to enjoy using Gravity Guns, Car Cannons and the ability to soar throughout the giant, sprawling map like Superman if the mood takes them. What they probably didn't realise, however, is that certain mods have been cheekily installing malware on their PCs. Whoops! Read More >>

Modders Flood GTA V and Create an Insane “Car Gun”

Grand Theft Auto V has offered modders heaps of opportunities to tinker about in Los Santos, creating everything from personalised licence plates to gravity guns to the ability to dress up as a cop and fight crime without getting a Wanted level. Read More >>

Oculus Rift Support Hacked into PC GTA V Already

A man who knows even more about how PCs work than those people who phone up pretending to be from Microsoft has hacked Oculus Rift support into GTA V, letting users use their actual heads and necks to look around the PC version's beautiful world. Read More >>

Man Wants to Build Real World GTA V House, if You’re OK to Pay For it

A brave and extremely optimistic man is asking for €1,670,000 (£1.2m) to build his dream home -- which will be modelled in the shape of Michael's house from GTA V. Built to scale and with all the accoutrements of a luxury life funded by crime. Read More >>

GTA V for PC Has Been Delayed to March as Minimum Specs are Revealed

Some good news and some bad news, PC gamers. Which do you want first? Of course: the bad news. Grand Theft Auto V's long-awaited arrival on PC has been pushed back yet again, with a new release date of March 24th, 2015 announced this afternoon. Read More >>

virtual reality
‘Grand Theft Auto Publisher’ Tested Microsoft Virtual Reality Headset, Thinks Gaming Isn’t Ready for VR

The first time I saw the first person view of the remastered edition of Grand Theft Auto V, I thought that it must be a future-proofing exercise for when the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset launches, to work alongside the PC version of the game. If you thought the game looked realistic in third person, you've really got to give it a go in first person, too. But, given comments by the CEO of GTA publisher Take-Two, that may actually be rather unlikely. Read More >>

Get Psyched for Tonight’s PS4 or Xbox One GTA V Session With its New Extended Soundtrack

Even if you can derive no pleasure from indulging in a digital rampage in a Grand Theft Auto game, one thing about the series is pretty much universally agreed upon -- they've always had killer soundtracks. Grand Theft Auto V on the Xbox 360 and PS3 was no different, but for the PS4 and Xbox One re-release today, its catalogue of tunes has been souped up significantly, with 162 new songs now added to the soundtrack. Read More >>

I Don’t Remember ‘GTA V’ Looking This Bad on PS3

The "remake double-dip" -- perhaps the most contentious point of conversation surrounding the new generation of consoles. With relatively-recent last-gen hits like The Last of Us and the Xbox 360's Halo sequels getting remasters, the Gizmodo team has been creating ever-more elaborate justifications for slapping down the cash on new versions of games some of us bought little more than a year ago. Read More >>

Grand Theft Auto V PS4, PC and Xbox One Release Dates Revealed

Grand Theft Auto V will arrive on the PS4 and Xbox One on November 18th, with the PC version to follow on January 27th, 2015. PC gamers the world over, breathe a collective sigh of relief -- the "Best Game Ever*" is on its way to your favoured platform. Read More >>

Lindsay Lohan Sues Rockstar Over Alleged GTA V Character Clone

Actress [citation still needed] Lindsay Lohan is pushing ahead with her legal case against Grand Theft Auto publisher Rockstar, claiming that Lacey Jonas, a vacuous Hollywood dirtbag in GTA V, was a little too close for comfort to Lohan in terms of image, language, clothing and choice of home. Which is as good a reason as any to download The Canyons and skip through it in the name of research. [AP via The Verge] Read More >>

Lindsay Lohan Furious Over Alleged Use of Her Likeness in GTA V

Actress [citation needed] Lindsay Lohan is said to be considering legal action against game publishing giant Rockstar, claiming that one or more of the more vacuous GTA V female celebrity characters may be based on her appearance. Read More >>

Man Rumbled Flirting with GTA Online Stripper

Oh yes, girl, oh yes he did. This awful clip supposedly features audio taken from GTA Online, in which a player is recorded chatting away to one of the game's many willing CG lapdancers. He is feeling it. He is really feeling it. Metaphorically. Read More >>