Where Do You Chat?

Real-time chat has been everywhere for, you know, forever now and has swallowed everything in its path. Integrating chat platforms and finding a way to coherently deal with texting vs. chatting has become a major issue. Other than venting here in hallowed Gizmodo chatroom posts, how do you manage all the Google chat options, Facebook chat, Skype and everything else? Chit chat below. Read More >>

The Next Big Feature in Phones Is Universal Chat

For a long time now, our smartphones have been getting more and more, well, smart. They do more things. You probably haven’t beaten your phone at chess in years. And the race to cram increasingly granular, eventually useless, features into them has defined the past few years of phone making. Except the next big waypoint won’t be some technological marvel like week-long battery life. It’s something much simpler: Plain old chat. Read More >>

Now That MSN’s Dead, What’s the Best IM Client?

On the 8th April, MSN Messenger will die an ignominious death as Microsoft boots everyone over to Skype. But the magic of sending people little snippets of text accompained by oh-so-funny emoticons won't die with it -- there's a whole bevy of services just waiting in the wings. Read More >>

Google Talk Is Down

Google is reporting that there's a widespread outage of its Talk IM service. The company explains that it's "aware of a problem with Google Talk affecting a majority of users". Read More >>