Reminder: Blindly Trusting Google Cards Can Make You Miss Your Flight

It's pretty handy that when Google knows you have a flight to catch, it'll pop up little updates on your phone reminding you of when to leave and what the travel situation is (assuming you're opted in). But a letter in the Guardian today serves as a useful reminder not to put all your trust in automated notifications. Read More >>

2.6TB Data Leak Reveals Corruption Amongst World Leaders

An international team of journalists has obtained what it’s referring to as the “biggest leak in history”: A 2.6-terabyte stash of data about offshore savings and tax havens from Panama-based legal firm Mossack Fonseca. Read More >>

google glass
Google Glass Has “Massive Scope” for Citizen Journalism Says Guardian Glassware Team

Is Google Glass a viable means of delivering news? That was the question set for the Guardian newspaper's software developers to answer as they were approached to become one of the first partners for Google's Glass UK Explorer launch. Read More >>

Edward Snowden Immortalised in Comic Form by Marvel Writer

Marvel and DC Comics writer Valerie D'Orazio has helped bring the story of Edward Snowden and his USB stick of shame to life, teaming up with artist Dan Lauer to immortalise Edward's exciting year in animated form. Guardian writer Glenn Greenwald also appears in what's set to be one of the strangest comics of the year. [Bluewater via Guardian and Valerie D'Orazio] Read More >>

“Proprietary Algorithm” Replaces Humans in Limited Edition Guardian Print Run

A special edition of the Guardian in the US will give us a glimpse of a nightmarish future in which "likes" from idiots replace editorial decisions, with a run of 5,000 physical papers being filled entirely with stories a "proprietary algorithm" has decided were the most popular online. Read More >>

An Algorithmic Newspaper Published For Just One Coffee Shop in London

Perhaps the future of newspapers is all about local distribution—very local distribution, as in a whole newspaper printed for just one coffeeshop in London. The Newspaper Club has teamed up with the The Guardian to launch what they call an "algorithmic newspaper," published only for one location, its content mathematically harvested according to level of interest from the The Guardian's weekly coverage. How does that work, exactly? Read More >>