Guinness Magically Holds Fours Beers Together Without Plastic

Guinness brand owner Diageo no longer wants its products to be associated with garroting exotic wildlife on deserted overseas beaches, and is about to usher in a new, entirely cardboard era of holding together four cans of the famous Irish export. Read More >>

There’s Free Fried Chicken At Guinness’ Pop-Up Taproom

If schlepping over to Dublin to try out Guinness' Open Gate Brewery seems a bit of a faff but you'd still like some tasty beer, the Experimental Taproom popup in East London is for you. Read More >>

Guinness Records Addict Gets Teeth Pulled to Set Record #20

A serial record breaker has resorted to modifying his body in order to win big with the Guinness organisation, with Har Parkash Rishi now having all of his teeth removed to allow him to set various things-in-mouth world bests. Read More >>

The World’s Longest Golf Club Is a Health Hazard

The new world’s longest golf club is 22 feet, 6.75 inches end-to-end, shattering the previous record of 14 feet, 5 inches. Its inventor, Michael Furrh, also typically pulls muscles in his back, legs, and both arms just from swinging it. Because lifting even a small weight with such a long pole is so freaking difficult that it was part of the training regimen in old Kung Fu movies. Read More >>

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Human Domino Mattress Chain Is a Lifetime of Trust Falls

Aaron’s Inc., an Atlanta-based furniture company, held its annual meeting of managers in Maryland and did what is hopefully the last team-building exercise these salesmen will ever have to engage in. Read More >>

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Woman Pulling a Double Decker Bus With Her Hair Must Be an IRL Mortal Kombat Character

Asha Rani is known as “The Iron Queen” because of the amazing feats of strength she’s attempted using her teeth, ears, and eye sockets. Four Guinness records wasn’t enough to slake her thirst for outlandish showmanship. Read More >>

Guinness Ditches Fishy Byproducts to Go Full Vegan

One of the small components of the lovely, healthy* drink known as Guinness is being dropped, with the fish-derived isinglass additive about to become history -- making six pints of Guinness the perfect accompaniment to any vegan buffet. Read More >>

Starbucks is Testing a Guinness-Like Creamy Dark Coffee

Visitors to some Starbucks human fuelling stations in the US are seeing a new form of coffee being tested, with the company's Dark Barrel Latte apparently offering a taste similar to that found in the stouter types of beer. Read More >>

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The World’s Biggest Tiny Domino Setup Calls for Record-Setting Patience

Going big means going small, like when you are trying to set the world record for the most mini dominoes (2,000) ever toppled in one sequence. The result is as impressive as it is minute. My god those guys must have a lot of patience. Read More >>

Would FREE ALCOHOL Tempt You Into Bothering With NFC?

Black booze maker Guinness is having a go at encouraging people to use NFC in pubs, with a competition now live that lets drinkers win a free pint just for swiping a pub's beer tap with their mobile. Read More >>

The World’s Longest Lego Railway Includes 2.5 Miles of Track

It's not quite as exciting as free-falling from the edge of space, but a group of 80 Lego enthusiasts in Denmark, led by Henrik Ludvigsen, now hold the Guinness Record for the world's longest plastic toy train track — an honour that will certainly look fantastic on a resume. Read More >>

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Make Awesome Jelly Shots Your Liver Will Hate for St. Patrick’s Day

For some reason, we humans love to make solid foods liquid, and liquid foods solid. Key Lime Pie Martini? White Russian Ice Cream? I rest my case. Today, in honour of St. Paddy's Day, we're taking three Irish liquids, and making them into one awesome solid. Read More >>

How to Pour the Perfect Pint of Guinness

St. Paddy's Day is this weekend! And as one of my favorite "holidays", I celebrate by drinking Jameson and Guinness (I never drink Guinness). You probably do too. Here's how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness from a can, according to Chow, so you can impress your friends. Read More >>

100,000 Blog Comments Needed for RNLI Fundraiser

An odd RNLI fundraiser has launched today, asking not for old books, loose change and knitted items, but trying to gather over 100,000 comments on a blog post over the next 24 hours. Read More >>