Plymouth Man Denies Throwing a Seagull

A man from Plymouth is in trouble for two reasons and two distinct crimes, standing accused in his new suit of GBH against a human and attempting to injure a wild bird in one combined inter-species attack. Read More >>

Rogue Seagulls are Delaying Royal Mail Deliveries

The Royal Mail has delivered a fantastic new excuse for failing to deliver things on time -- attacking seagulls making streets unsafe for posties to tread. Read More >>

Gull-Proof Sacks Saving Carlisle Residents From Streets of Shame

Households in parts of Cumbria have been issued with retro hessian sacks by their local council, in an attempt to stop seagulls from rummaging through bin liners, eating waste and letting the wind blow their embarrassing credit card statements into nextdoor's garden. Read More >>