Watch a Brief History of the M16 Rifle

When you think of the US Army and the firepower they have at their disposal, specifically guns, you likely think about one gun in particular: the M16. The M16 has been the weapon of choice for the US armed forces since the early 1960s, and after a rocky start it has solidified its place as a modern military companion. This is its brief history. Read More >>

Nerf Rhino-Fire Review: The Most Badass Foam Blaster Ever Built

Remember when you had to pull back a Nerf gun's plunger and load a new dart for every single shot? That was a loooong time ago. The new Nerf Rhino-Fire rains down Read More >>

3d printing
German Police Treat Themselves to a 3D Printer to Test Printed Gun Schematics

The ongoing saga of the 3D gun and if it's any good or not is set to continue, thanks to a plan for German police to knock out a few and test them to see how dangerous they are to the user and the person being shot at -- and how easy they are to smuggle once disassembled. Read More >>

3d printing
3D Printed Gun on a Train Poses “International Security Risk” Says Daily Mail

While some experts claim the plastic "gun" is about as effective a weapon as holding a bullet in your hand with a pair of pliers and hitting it with a pin, it hasn't stopped some from panicking about the possible mass proliferation of plastic weaponry. Read More >>

The Army’s Now Using Freakin’ Lasers to Hunt Down Enemy Snipers

You can run, but you sure as hell can't hide -- at least not from British troops in Afghanistan. The Ministry of Defence has just confirmed it's bought a job-lot of counter-sniper detection systems that use lasers to find enemy snipers. AWESOME. Read More >>

£12,000 Auto-Aim Rifle Turns You Into a SAS Sniper

Sniper rifles already rank a solid 11 on the badass scale, but you know what makes them even more badass? Whacking a Terminator-style set of cyborg eyes on the top that tracks targets and then helps the shooter hit exactly what he or she wants. You can run, but you really can't hide...mwhahaha! Read More >>

Would You Test-Fire a 3D-Printed Gun?

3D printing can produce a whole helluvalot of cool things, but at the end of the day, it's just plastic. Guns are not meant to be made of plastic. If you make them of plastic, they break. And then the gun explodes in your face, leading to a rather complicated explanation at the hospital as to how you got plastic embedded in your forehead. Read More >>

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This Quadrotor Flying Machine Gun Will Kick Serious Arse Some Day

The FPS Russia people made this video showing a "prototype" quadrotor equipped with a machine gun. Yes, a remote controlled flying machine gun. They take it for a spin and shoot some targets, as they usually do. Read More >>

TSA Stops Stupid Teen Wearing a Purse With a Replica Gun On It

A 17-year-old pregnant teen lost her flight when TSA agents insisted she had to check her bag, which has a replica gun attached to it. For once, I'm going to defend the TSA: this girl is a naff arseclown. Read More >>

Gaddafi Died Packing a Giant Golden Gun

Gaddafi: dictator, despot, dead, man of immense style. If you knew your reign of shitty terror was moribund, wouldn't you want to go out in style? And so he did, wielding this gold pistol to the very end. Read More >>

Seventy-Five-Year-Old Chair Is Turned Into Steampunk Nerf Gun

Etsy seller faustus70 had a Nerf N-Strike Barricade gun, an old chair and some aluminum lying around. But he didn't take this stuff to the dump like most people, he used it to build a "Big Daddy" style steampunk gun. Read More >>