Your Half-Arsed Attempts at Exercise Are Still Really Good for You

When it comes to exercise, every bit really does count. A new study published this week in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that the life-extending benefits of physical activity can show up whether you’re dedicating a whole block of the day to the gym or just carving out small moments by taking the stairs or walking a block longer to work—so long as it adds up to the same amount of time spent on physical activity. Read More >>

Gym Offers 45-Minute Intensive Sleep Routine

Targeting stressed parents who don't have enough time to sleep at night what with working three casual jobs and having numerous social media feeds to maintain, gym group David Lloyd has had an idea. A 45-minute trip to the gym where you lie down and have a nap under the pretence of it being a valuable wellbeing class. Read More >>

Microsoft Band Makes Dash for UK, the ‘Leading Edge of the Wearables Market’, on April 15

Microsoft launches its Band fitness tracker in the UK on April 15, with pre-orders starting today for the £170 wearable, making ol' Blighty the second country that the Windows maker has turned its new fitness fascination to. And posh gym purveyor Nuffield Health will be the local hook-up for all its custom workout needs. Read More >>

Philippe Starck Designed the Most Beautiful Fitness Equipment You’ll Ever See

When he's not finding ways to get you drunk in mere seconds, Philippe Starck spends his time designing some of the most beautiful everyday objects we've ever seen. From juicers, to hard drives, to now a set of stunning fitness gear including free weights and jump ropes. Read More >>