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Watching Leaves Defy Gravity on a Trampoline is the Best Way to Welcome Autumn

The arrival of pumpkin spice jokes is often seen as the first sign of fall, but a trampoline full of gravity-defying dead leaves is a far more satisfying way to welcome the arrival of cooler temps and gourd-flavoured coffee. Read More >>

How the Hell Does Anyone Get This Good With a Skipping Rope?

Freestyle competitive skipping rope is a real sport. It’s badass and has almost nothing in common with its playground predecessor. Read More >>

Gymnast Bot Would Win Every Gold Medal at the Olympics

Gymnast bot has wowed us time and time again, but we just can't get enough of its aerobatic antics. Every time a new video is posted this tiny robot is pulling off some impossible feat, but perfectly sticking a landing is nothing compared to what it can do now. Read More >>

Watch the Gymnast Bot Land a Quadruple Backflip

We've seen this bot before. Just this past March, we witnessed it stick a near impossible landing. And now it's stuck a quadruple backflip, which by all accounts appears to be it sixteenth feat of heroism. What can't this little guy do? Nothing. Read More >>

Watch This Gymnast Bot Stick an Impossible Landing: One Day the Olympics Will Be Awesome Again

We can't get enough of these tiny but impressive robot gymnasts who flip through the air and stick their landings. We're probably only seeing the one time it lands upright in about 100 attempts, but who cares? They're only going to get better and better. And one day the summer Olympics might actually be worth watching (when it's not in the good 'ole UK, that is). Give that robot the wood medal. (Because it's not programmed to recognise the value of gold.) [YouTube via Automaton] Read More >>

Watch This Adorable Gymnastic Bot Totally Stick the Landing

The last time we checked in on the state of robot gymnasts they performed admirably on the horizontal bar, but fell out of medal contention with a laughably horrible dismount. Read More >>

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Surprisingly, Dancing to Zelda Music Won’t Win You a Gold Medal

You would have thought that picking an awesome score for your gymnastics routine, like that from Zelda performed by none other than Lindsey Stirling, would instantly win you a gold medal, but sadly not. Read More >>

Stretching and Flexibility: Olympian Advice For Lazy Giz Readers

Oh, to be as stretchy as a gymnast; a carefree life full of surfing the internet with my legs behind my head, and opening doors with my feet when my hands are full. Elsa Garcia, Mexico's poster girl for London 2012, brags that she's flexible enough to do all that and more. I spoke to the Olympic gymnast between training sessions and got the lowdown for all the lazy Gizmodians out there. Read More >>

Olympic Gymnasts Use Honey, Coke, Melted Gummy Bears and Other Hand Goop to Stay on the Bars

If you've ever wondered how the heck gymnasts manage to keep a grip on the parallel bars, know this: it ain't just chalk. Olympic gymnasts use any and all forms of hand goop, from honey to coke and beer and sugar to melted gummy bears and a special concoction created by a chemist and more. And the crazy thing is, it's completely legal. Read More >>