Forget Amazon, Hachette is Selling Books on Twitter

Book publisher Hachette is no longer in a blood feud with Amazon, but it's already experimenting with new, Bezos-free online selling options, just in case. The latest: an experiment where best-selling Hachette authors will be able to sell their books directly to fans on Twitter. Read More >>

Amazon Pleads With Hachette to Cut eBook Prices

In the ongoing spat between Amazon and Hachette over pricing, Amazon has now called for Hachette to simply cut its eBook prices — a move which, it claims, will lower consumer prices on digital titles and provide writers with a larger paycheck at the same time. Read More >>

Amazon is Baiting Hachette Authors With 100 Per Cent Profits

Amazon and publishing company Hachette remain in negotiations after a very public brawl over ebook pricing, and Amazon's pulling out some down and dirty trick to win its battle, including jacking up Hachette book prices. Amazon's latest gambit is more carrot than stick: Amazon executive David Naggar sent a letter to a number of Hachette authors proposing that they keep 100 per cent of their sales while the dispute persists. Read More >>

Apple is Happy to Take Your Money if Amazon Won’t

Fresh off of settling a lawsuit that accused it of collusion with publishers, Apple is ready to take the money you were planning to give to Amazon but can't. Since Amazon is in a fight with Hachette—the world's largest bookstore and one of the world's largest publishers respectively—and refuses to let customers pre-order any books from the publisher, Apple has stepped up to fill the void. Read More >>

Amazon Admits it’s Screwing With Hachette—and Will Until it Gets its Way

Amazon has been playing dirty in the shadows with publishing house Hachette all month, but now it's openly admitted that it's playing hardball with the company. Read More >>