Pirate DJ Hacks Mansfield Radio Station to Repeatedly Play Masturbation Song

The radio waves belonging to regional station Mansfield 103.2 are being repeatedly hacked, with Ofcom saying that a broadcasting enthusiast with his own transmission equipment is illegally inserting his favourite novelty song into the radio station's broadcasts. Read More >>

Researcher Found Another Twitter Vulnerability That Allowed Tweeting From Any Account

A bug in a Twitter product could have allowed attackers to send tweets from any account and delete photos and videos from published tweets, according to a recent blog post by the security researcher who discovered it. It’s the second broad vulnerability in the product, called Studio, that’s come to light recently, raising questions about how well Twitter secures its platform. Read More >>

Hackers do it for the Respect Bonus

The National Crime Agency has been looking at the ways the youth of the nation gets involved in cybercrime, and there's a lot more to it than simply buying a black hooded top and deciding to DDoS Barclays because of an unexpected overdraft fee. Read More >>

Wonga Calls in Police Over 245,000 User Details Hack

Payday loan specialist Wonga appears to be the latest high-profile victim of a hack, with the lender saying that details of 245,000 UK customers have been hacked out of its servers. Read More >>

TalkTalk Hacker Made to Pay With Rehabilitation Order and Confiscated Gadgets

The teenager who magicked away most of TalkTalk’s credibility last year has received his punishment: a 12-month youth rehabilitation order, the confiscation of his iPhone and computer hard drive, and a £100 fine. Read More >>

Hackers Breach TalkTalk, Kcom and Post Office Routers

An extremely specific attack targeting certain types of router appears to have broken the internets of more than 100,000 customers that use the Post Office's branded ISP service, with the malware worming its way into the Zyxel AMG1302 as issued by the Post Office and the DSL-3780 router used by some TalkTalk subscribers. Read More >>

Someone Hacked AdultFriendFinder, That Site You Signed Up for When You Were Drunk

While it’s not the first time AdultFriendFinder has been hacked, woo boy, this a big one. The “world’s largest sex & swinger community” experienced a breach in October that exposed the information from 412 million accounts across its corporate holdings. Read More >>

How to Avoid Your Autocorrect Duck-Ups

You know what’s really ducking annoying? When your phone changes the work “fuck” into “duck” or “fucking” into “ducking.” It happens all the time, and it’s ducking bullshit. Read More >>

State-Sponsored Hackers Stole Personal Information From 500 Million Yahoo Users

It turns out the Yahoo hack was much bigger than we expected. Read More >>

Report: Yahoo to Confirm Massive Hack Affecting 200 Million Users

A report by veteran tech journalist Kara Swisher at Recode says that Yahoo is preparing to confirm a massive data breach that has impacted over 200 million users. The extent of the breach, or whether hackers were able to gain access to users accounts, is unknown. Read More >>

Porn Empornium Brazzers’ Forum Member List Hacked

Brazzers, which according to Wikipedia is a porn site and according to Alexa is the 1,395th most trafficked domain in the world, has been hacked. Around 800,000 user account details taken from its forums are apparently in the public domain now. Read More >>

A Nostalgic Virus is Infecting Windows Machines

They don’t make them like this anymore.

Millions of Wireless Keyboards Can Let Hackers See What You’re Typing 

A newly discovered set of wireless keyboard vulnerabilities can let hachers take over your keyboard and secretly record what you type. It’s called KeySniffer, and it spells death for millions of wireless, radio-based keyboards. Read More >>

A Single Text Can Give Hackers Access to Your iPhone

Last year’s Stagefright vulnerability, which could let someone control your Android phone with just a text, was a terrifying security hole that affected 95 per cent of all Android devices. It seems Apple caught a similar bug. Read More >>

Automated Blackmail Malware Gathers a File of Shame

A piece of malware given the name of Delilah by security researchers has been found trying to use social engineering and blackmail techniques to force employees to hand over sensitive data, with the ultimate ambition of ensnaring a worker's loyalty via blackmail and turning them to the dark side. Read More >>