UK Warns Government Agencies to Avoid Kaspersky Products, Citing Russian Ties

Russian security software company Kaspersky Lab has been having a bad few months amid allegations its signature anti-virus software scans for and identifies files of interest to Russian cyber spies. Kaspersky publicly contends a high-profile incident in which it allegedly stole classified files from a National Security Agency contractor’s computer was due to dumb mistakes on that individual’s part, but that hasn’t stopped the U.S. government from banning the use of the company’s products at federal agencies. Read More >>

2.7 Million UK Uber Users Were Compromised In That Hack

Uber recently landed in trouble because 57 million of its users had been hacked, and the company spent a bunch of money to deliberately hide that fact from the rest of the world. It worked for a bout a year, but now we all know about it. It's now been announced that of those 57 million, 2.7 million of the affected accounts were based in the UK. Read More >>

Watch Thieves Hack Keyless Entry to Steal a Mercedes in Less Than a Minute

A new surveillance video from Birmingham shows two hackers exploiting keyless technology to steal a sleeping man’s Mercedes. Released by the West Midlands Police Department on Monday, authorities believe it to be the first footage of thieves attacking a car using relay boxes, devices that can be programmed to send signals through walls. Read More >>

The NHS is Hiring a Team of Hackers to Boost its Cyber Defences

Lots of people have had a bad time when it comes to cyber security, especially this year. The NHS was hit particularly hard, however, when the WannaCry ransomware managed to infect countless systems across the country - forcing staff to go back to using paper. Clearly it doesn't want that happening again, because part of a £20 million cyber security investment will be spent on a team of on-staff hackers. Read More >>

Welp, Looks Like Imgur Has Also Been Hacked

2017's unending parade of major companies and web destinations suffering through major breaches of user information has not slowed down. Image-sharing site Imgur revealed it had been hacked several years ago this week, with the details of approximately 1.7 million accounts lost in 2014 to hackers who have not been identified. Read More >>

Now Cash Converters Has Been Hacked

Hacks are everywhere these days, to the point where it feels like a gift from Oprah. You get a hack, you get a hack, everyone gets a hack! The latest one? High street pawn shop, and peddler of overpriced old games nobody would ever buy, Cash Converters. Read More >>

GCHQ Has Blamed a Number of High Profile Hacks on Russia

Oh Russia, what are you like? Not only are you trying to fix elections through social media, the GCHQ has now accused you of hacking various media, telecoms, and energy companies over the past year. You rascal, you. Read More >>

Poor Guy Accidentally Steals and Then Destroys £229 Million Worth of Ether Cryptocurrency

Thanks to a string of screw-ups and bugs, an unsuspecting developer recently took possession of $300 million (£229 million) worth of the Ethereum cryptocurrency by accident. In an attempt to give back the money, however, the poor guy ended up locking up the funds permanently. In effect, that money is just gone. Read More >>

Equifax Investigation Clears Execs Who Dumped Stock Before Hack Announcement

Equifax discovered on July 29th that it had been hacked, losing the Social Security numbers and other personal information of 143 million Americans and affecting around 700k UK customers. Then, just a few days later, several of its executives sold stock worth a total of nearly £1.4 million. When the hack was publicly announced in September, Equifax’s stock promptly tanked, which made the trades look very, very sketchy. Read More >>

artificial intelligence
Japanese Researchers Trick AI Into Thinking 3D-Printed Turtle Is a Rifle

Japanese researchers have used a startlingly simple exploit to trick object recognition AI into classifying a 3D-printed turtle as a rifle. Incredibly, they did it by changing a single pixel. Read More >>

If Your Vibrator Is Hacked, Is It a Sex Crime?

On a recent trip to Berlin, Alex Lomas’ acquaintance posed him a challenge: Can you find a Bluetooth-enabled butt plug in the wild, and can you turn it on without its owner’s help? Lomas, a penetration tester with the British cybersecurity firm Pen Test Partners, pulled out his phone, consulted the detection app LightBlue, and quickly identified a Lovense Hush, purportedly “the most powerful vibrating buttplug on the market,” that Lomas says was nestled in the rear end of a stranger. What’s more, that Hush was vulnerable, open to hacking by anyone who knew how. Read More >>

north korea
North Korea Has Hit Back at WannaCry Accusations, Calling Them ‘Groundless Speculation’

Last week Security Minister Ben Wallace publicly blamed North Korea for the WannaCry ransomware attack that crippled the NHS's computer system back in June. We already knew that thanks to anonymous sources in the intelligence services, but it was the first time a government official had said it in public. Well, as you'd expect, North Korea has hit back against those claims. Read More >>

Ransomware Markets Are Exploding, Study Finds

The black-market economy fuelling ransomware distribution is booming, according to new research. Read More >>

‘Bad Rabbit’ Ransomware Strikes Russia and Ukraine

A new ransomware attack dubbed “Bad Rabbit” is sweeping Russia and Ukraine, among other Eastern European countries, according to several reports. Read More >>