US Federal Agencies Ordered to Adopt Basic Email Security Measures After Years of Doing Nothing

The Trump administration is now pushing federal agencies to finally adopt basic security protocols designed to protect government emails against spoofing and phishing attacks. Read More >>

Symantec Concludes Just Eight Google Play ‘Minecraft’ Apps May Have Added Millions to Botnets

In a blog post on Wednesday, Symantec security researchers wrote they had discovered at least eight Google Play Store apps that functioned as fronts for a “new and highly prevalent type of Android malware” called Android.Sockbot. The apps in question presented themselves as skins for player characters in popular app Minecraft: Pocket Edition and boasted “an install base ranging from 600,000 to 2.6 million devices.” Read More >>

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North Korea Hacked a British TV Company That Was Going to Make a Show About North Korea

When it comes to having people adapt their country for various media projects, North Korea is, well, a little bit grumpy. Just ask Sony. It seems as though its efforts to sabotage anyone trying to produce anything related to the country, including hacking a British TV company that had plans to produce just that sort of show. Read More >>

Equifax’s Website Redirected People to Malware Thanks to a Compromised, Years-Old Plugin

Credit-reporting agency Equifax, which has been embroiled in a richly-deserved sea of anger after losing the sensitive personal and financial info of at least 145 million people  to hackers, found itself in yet another hole  this week after its website began redirecting users to malware . On Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported the problems with the site began because Equifax was still using a defunct web analytics plugin called Fireclick which had since been taken over by scammers. Read More >>

Iran is Being Blamed for a Cyber Attack on Parliament

Back in June Parliament suffered a cyberattack, focussing on MP's email accounts. While many might have assumed the attack came from Russia, or possibly even China, it turns out Iran might have been responsible. Read More >>

Equifax Takes Webpage That Reportedly Pushed Adware Offline

Equifax has taken down a webpage that offered credit report assistance, a spokesperson told Gizmodo. The move follows a report that the page was directing visitors to install fake Adobe Flash updates containing adware. Read More >>

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US Lawmakers Demand to Know More About Equifax’s Plan to Assist Victims of Humongous Breach

House Democrats and Republicans have found common ground in their joint effort to uncover precisely what Equifax knew prior to revealing its data breach last month. That effort continued on Wednesday as lawmakers sought to learn more about what the embattled credit agency is doing to aid the roughly 145 million victims of this self-imposed calamity. Read More >>

Israeli Intelligence Reportedly Watched Russia Use Kaspersky Anti-Virus as Hackers’ ‘Search Tool’

Following a ban on Kaspersky Lab’s anti-virus software for use by the US federal government, the Wall Street Journal reported that officials believe hackers used the software to steal sensitive NSA documents. On Wednesday, the story deepened with reports that the US government was tipped off by Israeli intelligence after its spies observed Russian agents using the software as a personal back door. Read More >>

North Korea Reportedly Hacked US-South Korean War Plans, Including How to Take Down Kim Jong-un

With a top Senate Republican warning that US leadership is edging us toward World War III, it’ll bring no one comfort to learn South Korean authorities believe that hackers working for the government of North Korea managed to steal highly-classified documents that included wartime contingency plans that were drawn up in 2015. Read More >>

The Equifax Data Hack Affected Nearly 700,000 UK Customers

You might have heard of the ongoing dram surrounding Equifax, the US-based credit firm that was hit hard by hackers earlier this year. That kickstarted an absolute shitshow of events that impacted millions of people who had their personal data expose. Now it's been revealed that 694,000 of the customers hit are based in the UK. Read More >>

You Can Now Hack the Mini SNES Classic For Yourself

If you were lucky enough to get your hands on Nintendo's miniature SNES classic, you may have heard how it's just as hackable as its predecessor. Well now, if you want to, you can tinker with its innards yourself. Or, because let's not kid ourselves, play illegal ROMs. Read More >>

5 Incredibly Stupid Security Mistakes You Make Every Day

While you can never be 100 percent safe from hackers, viruses, and other nasties lurking on the internet without going completely off the grid, you can at least cut out the dumbest security mistakes you keep making—seriously, now’s the time to address these, before you have a chance to regret it. Read More >>

Equifax, Which Said Executives Did Not Know of Hack Before Trades, Has Launched a ‘Thorough Review’

Equifax Inc. has insisted that three executives who sold off over a million dollars in shares just days after news of a massive hack of 143 million Americans’ financial data spread internally were not aware of the breach when they made the sales. Read More >>

Net Neutrality Activists Targeted in Phishing Campaign

Several prominent net neutrality advocacy groups were targeted in a spearphishing campaign, with around 70 attempts made to break into the accounts of activists at Free Press and Fight for the Future. The campaign, revealed in an Electronic Frontier Foundation report, used details about the activists’ personal lives and sexually explicit content to try to trick activists into clicking phishing links that would allow the attackers to take over their accounts. Read More >>