Virgin Media Superhub 2 Owners Need To Change Their Passwords

Virgin has told 800,000 customers using SuperHub 2 hardware to change their router passwords to avoid being hacked. The problem, reported by Which?, is that the password can be attacked and guessed within days if the default is used. Read More >>

South Korean Company Agrees to Pay Hackers $1 Million Bitcoin Ransom to Unlock Its Files

A South Korean web hosting company will reportedly shell out about a million dollars (~£793,900) to resolve a ransomware crisis at its data centre, the highest such payout publicly known to date. Read More >>

WannaCry Was Instigated by North Korea, says British Intelligence

Last month the world came face to face with WannaCry, a nasty piece of ransomware that exploited a security hole in Windows, which managed to infect a ridiculous number of computers all over the world - including a large number of NHS systems. Now, though, it seems British Intelligence is blaming North Korea for the attacks. Read More >>

Hackers Built a Weapon to Trigger Power Cuts—and It Could Work Anywhere

The seemingly local cyberattack that cut power to part of Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, last December could have been a test run. And security researchers now say the malware believed to have caused the blackout is actually modular, mostly automated, and highly adaptable. That means it doesn’t just work on electrical grids in Ukraine. This dangerous cyberweapon might work in London or Paris or New York—anywhere really. Read More >>

Hackers Hijacking Verified Accounts to Spread Fake News

Security research group Access Now has discovered a clever attack being used against influential social media users as a means of disseminating fake news. The “Doubleswitch” not only involves hijacking verified accounts but makes it extremely difficult for the legitimate owner to regain control of their handle. Read More >>

OneLogin Data Breach May Have Revealed Encrypted Data

OneLogin, an identity management software company, announced earlier this week that it suffered a data breach. Although the firm hasn’t provided many details, the few that it has released suggest that the breach is extensive. Read More >>

Putin Praises ‘Patriotic’ Russian Hackers He Definitely Doesn’t Know or Employ

Vladimir Putin, who apparently had nothing better to do this week, decided to throw water on claims that Russia had direct ties to the DNC email leaks during last year’s US election. Simultaneously, the strongman who has helmed Russia for the better part of two decades endorsed the hacks as being in his country’s best interest. Read More >>

Hackers Leak Cosmetic Surgery Patient Photos After Obscene Ransom Demands Denied

Not every hacker on the planet is a callous basement dweller. Many are actually using their skills to make the world a better place, securing our favorite websites and vital infrastructures — not to mention all those tiny internet devices with cameras and microphones we’ve idiotically placed throughout our homes where we eat, sleep, and do yoga in the nude. Read More >>

Security Firm Discovers Link Between WannaCry Ransomware and Southern China

We may never know who the perpetrators of the WannaCry ransomware attack really were. We do know that they utilised an exploit that was part of the NSA’s toolkit. We know that the exploit was leaked by a group called The Shadow Brokers. We know the US government is pointing to North Korea. And new research from security firm Flashpoint indicates that there’s a connection to Southern China. Read More >>

Liverpool Was Recently Home To The Politest Hack Ever

Hackers don't have to be nice, but many of them aren't out to do any harm and are just curious about the world around them. It seems that one such person has hacked an advertising screen at the Liverpool One shopping centre. Read More >>

British Airways Grounds Flights Following Global IT Problems [Updated]

Update 5/28/17 13:30: The delays have now entered their second day, after British Airways initially cancelled all flights from Heathrow and Gatwick airports on Saturday. As of lunchtime today, Sunday departures from Gatwick are delayed according to the BBC, though none have yet be cancelled. BA is urging passengers looking to travel today to check the status of flights before making the journey to the airport. Read More >>

There Are ‘Thousands’ of Bugs Making Pacemakers Vulnerable to Hackers

The more of our lives are wired, the more they become vulnerable to things like software glitches and hackers. That includes pieces of technology we put in our bodies — recently, it’s become clear that vital medical devices like insulin pumps and pacemakers possess the same vulnerabilities as those ill-advised connected tea kettles. Read More >>

It’s Alarmingly Easy to Hack the Galaxy S8’s Iris Scanner

Samsung wants you to think that the iris scan technology on its new flagship phone, the Galaxy S8, is unbeatable. But it should surprise no one who pays attention to the security world that this is not the case. In fact, Samsung’s new iris scanner is very easy to trick. Read More >>

Disgraced Cheating Site Ashley Madison Claims It Has Millions of Users That Totally Aren’t Bots This Time

Ashley Madison is back...supposedly. The cheating site claims it added more than 400,000 global users last month, according to a New York Post report. The supposed growth is especially surprising given that the site experienced a massive data breach in July 2015 that exposed thousands of names and addresses of adulterers including thousands of government employees and conservative reality television star Josh Duggar. Read More >>

In WannaCrypt’s Wake, a New Rapidly Spreading Ransomware Attack Appeared Today

A week after WannaCrypt induced worldwide panic, another vicious ransomware attack kicked off. Read More >>