A Real-Life Spy Movie Flash Drive That Self-Destructs After Uploading Malicious Code

Inspired by a photo of someone cramming a firecracker inside a USB flash drive, a hacker who goes by “MG” on Medium has detailed a recent project where he engineered a Mission Impossible-style flash drive that ignites and explodes after delivering a nefarious software payload onto an unsuspecting computer. Read More >>

OnePlus Shuts Down Credit Card Payments After Reports of Suspicious Transactions

Recently, OnePlus was on a roll. The OnePlus 5T is easily the best phone the company has ever made, and just before CES 2018, OnePlus released a rather attractive white colour variant for its latest mid-range phone. However, things got derailed last week when OnePlus customers started reporting they were seeing unknown transactions hit their credit cards after making a purchase on Read More >>

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A Talented Modder Turned Nerf’s 70 MPH Rival Blaster Into a 2,000-Round Spinning Minigun

Nerf’s Rival blasters, which can fire small foam balls at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour, already make you a formidable opponent when office battles erupt. But it wasn’t enough for YouTube’s Captain Xavier, who hacked his Nerf Rival into a spinning minigun fed by a 2,000-shot backpack. Read More >>

The Great Data Breach Disasters of 2017

A week hardly passed this year without a major data breach to remind us of how precarious the state of security was throughout 2017. And while I’d love to report otherwise, you’d be hard pressed right now to find anyone in the know who thinks things are looking up. Read More >>

Simple Cheat Gives You a Free Extra Life in HQ Trivia, No Friend Code Necessary

HQ trivia is so popular that it regularly fails to broadcast its online game show at the proper time. Since its recent launch, users constantly beg their social media followers to use a referral code when they join. If someone you know punches in the code, you get an extra life. But it turns out there’s a much easier way. Read More >>

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How to Build a Tiny TV Ornament That Plays Classic ’90s Commercials

Despite what all the holiday specials try to tell you, it’s pointless to pretend that Christmas has become anything other than commercialism’s annual time to shine. So why not just embrace the spirit of spending completely, and build yourself a tiny working television Christmas tree ornament that streams ‘90s commercials from YouTube? Read More >>

When a Furby and Alexa Love Each Other Very Much, This Intelligent Talking Furball Is the Result

Almost 20 years after it was first introduced by Tiger Electronics, Furby has somehow found a way to remain on toy store shelves to this day, mostly by learning new tricks along the way. But Zach Levine’s Furby is extra special, because he hacked its guts with Amazon’s Alexa personal assistant, finally giving the bug-eyed toy some real smarts. Read More >>

Hackers are Stealing our Air Miles Now

Analysis of internet content on the "dark" parts of the internet appears to show that there's been a spike in theft of air miles, with hackers nicking points from accounts then selling them on so that everyone can make a bit of money from our forgotten stash of loyalty points. Read More >>

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This Gigantic Version of Nintendo’s Original Handheld Games Needs Two People to Play It

Before the Switch, before the 3DS, and even before the Game Boy, Nintendo had the Game & Watch: a series of handheld video games that were primitive by today’s standards, but mind-blowing to ‘80s kids. And they made such an impression on computer scientist Thomas Tilley that he recently created a gigantic version of the toy built around a 46-inch LCD display. Read More >>

Skip the Switch and Play This Cardboard Version of Super Mario You Can Build Yourself

Still having a hard time finding a Nintendo Switch? The hunt’s only going to get harder now that the holidays are here, but why add to your pre-Christmas stresses when you can just build your own playable version of Super Mario out of cardboard, and save yourself hundreds of pounds? Read More >>

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This Guy Hacked Together a Glove That Makes Time Appear to Slow Down

We could all probably use a little more time in our days, whether it’s to get some extra work done, spend some quality time with the family, or in the case of YouTube’s MadGyver, to engineer and build a special glove that makes time actually appear to slow down and stop. Read More >>

Watch This Guy Build a Nintendo Switch Clone That Plays Thousands of Classic Games

Still having a hard time finding a Nintendo Switch in stores? Or maybe you’re tired of waiting for Nintendo’s promised online store full of retro games? Tim Lindquist took things into his own hands and built a Nintendo Switch clone from scratch that can emulate games from over 50 classic systems. Read More >>

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Easily Distracted Genius Hacks His Soldering Iron to Play Tetris

The TS100 is an open-source, precision soldering iron that includes the ability to program its temperature. In service of that, the device uses a tiny OLED screen, which allowed YouTube’s Joric to hack the device and make playing Tetris another one of the tool’s many features. Read More >>

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Hadouken! Flamethrower Gloves Let You Blast Street Fighter Fireballs With Every Punch

Hacker Allen Pan built a pair of custom gloves featuring a butane dispenser, parts from an electric arc lighter, and a motion sensor that automatically trigger a terrifying blast of fire with every detected punch. Read More >>

Build This DIY Cannon to Catch Rogue Drones

Unlike an RC car that will simply crash into a wall if you lose control, an expensive drone can potentially fly for miles after it stops heeding your remote’s commands. But while a shotgun can blast your treasured robot out of the sky before causes any trouble, this net-firing, air-powered, anti-drone cannon seems like a much safer solution. Read More >>