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There’s a Fully Working Computer, Including a Retractable Keyboard, Hidden Inside This Mouse

Some hardware hacks only exist as a way to prove they’re actually possible. Such is the case with this ‘Computer Mouse’ that was designed, 3D-printed, and assembled by YouTube’s Electronic Grenade. It’s a fully working portable computer that’s smaller than even the thinnest laptops, but at the same time infinitely less convenient to use. Read More >>

11 Tech Tricks for a More Productive 2019

The start of a new year is as good a time as any to start using all the tech around you to live and work smarter: Get more done in less time and free up some space for doing the stuff that you really enjoy. Here are some of our favourite app and gadget hacks for powering up your productivity levels in all kinds of ways. Read More >>

An Old-School Film Trick Finally Brings Colour to the Game Boy Camera

The Game Boy Camera was one of the first truly cheap digital cameras, but the trade-off was that it could only snap grainy, 128x112-pixel black and white photographs. Despite its abysmal image quality, there are still a few photographers who love the Game Boy Camera’s lo-fi aesthetic, including Matt Gray who discovered an old-school photography trick that finally lets the peripheral produce colour images. Read More >>

Turn Your Old Game Boy Into the Ultimate Retro Controller With This Custom Cartridge

As playing retro games on modern consoles has become more popular, so has the accessories market dedicated to reviving classic controllers that promise to make the retro gaming experience feel more authentic. But why buy the same hardware again when there are clever ways to repurpose your old controllers? This cartridge even turns the original Game Boy into a wireless gamepad. Read More >>

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Deck the Halls in Less Than 30 Seconds With This Time-Saving Holiday Decorating Cannon 

The holidays can be the most wonderful time of the year for some, but only when all of the baking, shopping, and decorating is done. Decking the halls and trimming the tree can often be a gruelling all-day affair, but YouTube’s the Hacksmith has come up with a time-saving solution in the form of a yuletide cannon. Read More >>

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This Customised Hydrogen-Powered Nerf Blaster Makes Its Own Explosive Fuel

If you’ve ever been disappointed by the performance of a Nerf toy, you’re not alone. For safety (and legal) reasons the blasters come with limited power out of the box, but there’s a thriving community of modders online who’ve found ways to give them more kick. That includes Peter Sripol who hacked a Nerf blaster so that it’s now powered by explosive hydrogen it generates all by itself. Read More >>

Uber Fined £385,000 by UK Watchdog for Letting Itself Get Hacked

The Information Commissioner's Office is about to rake in and distribute a nice £385,000 from loss-making ride-hailing business Uber, as punishment for the data protection failings that led to its UK driver and customer data being hacked in 2016. Read More >>

Banks Are Trying to Hack Themselves Today in Cyber-Attack War Game

Around 40 of the UK's largest banks and financial institutions are having a bit of a fun afternoon of hacking today, with the Bank of England leading a simulated cyber-attack on the financial industry to see what happens. Or what might happen. Read More >>

iPhone Lockscreen Exploit Discovered in Apple’s Latest iOS Update

Almost as soon as Apple released iOS 12.1 on Tuesday, a Spanish security researcher discovered a bug that exploits group Facetime calls to give anyone access to an iPhone users’ contact information with no need for a passcode. Read More >>

A Hidden Vape Takes This Smoking, 3D-Printed Ghost Rider Costume to the Next Level

‘Tis the season to go completely overboard with costumes and decorations, so when Mike Warren decided on Ghost Rider for his Halloween getup, he knew he’d have to go the extra mile with a wearable glowing skull helmet surrounded in a cloud of smoke. But instead of reaching for the dry ice, he adapted a more modern tool for generating smoke: a vape. Read More >>

This Custom-Built Clock Tells Time With a Glowing City Skyline

Long before we relied on smartphones, smartwatches, or even mechanical clocks to keep us on schedule, humans simply looked towards the sky to figure out what time it was. Rich Nelson has rekindled that idea with a custom clock he designed and built, using ever-changing LED lighting and a simulated sun and moon to vaguely express the time of day. Read More >>

Facebook Could Face Up to £1.25 Billion Fine for Latest Hack Under the GDPR

Facebook’s stunning disclosure of a massive hack on Friday in which attackers gained access tokens to at least 50 million accounts – bypassing all security measures and potentially giving them full control of both profiles and linked apps – has already stirred threats of a $1.63 billion dollar fine in the European Union, according to the Wall Street Journal. Read More >>

Hacker to Delete Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Page, Live, This Weekend

A Taiwanese hacker is about to hit the big time – or fail in an embarrassingly public manner – as he's preparing to launch a public attack on the personal Facebook profile of Mark Zuckerberg, the man who, you know, invented it. Or at least, you know, copied the idea best and made it legally his own. Read More >>

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I Want This Custom Bluetooth Soundwave Boombox, Even if It Doesn’t Transform

Optimus Prime and Grimlock were among the most popular Transformers characters from the original animated series, but Soundwave, who spoke like he’d swallowed a synthesizer, was undoubtedly every kid’s favourite. I still have the original toy, but as an adult, I want this custom Soundwave-shaped boombox even more. Read More >>

This Robotic Rubik’s Cube Can Solve Itself

It’s not going to set any world records, but this robotic Rubik’s Cube that’s filled with electronics and tiny electric motors is actually more impressive than watching someone race through the puzzle in a few seconds because it can solve itself without any assistance – aside from a human messing it up in the first place. Read More >>