This Robovac Helpfully Shreds Hair It Finds on the Floor

Now that they can reliably navigate your home, avoid trouble, and run for hours, we’re starting to see other innovations introduced for robot vacuums. The HaierTab Tabot not only includes a built-in mop and a removable hand vac, it’s also the first robovac that can cut hair so it’s easier to vacuum up. Read More >>

star wars
The Wait For a Remote Control R2-D2 Hi-Def Projector Refrigerator Is Almost Over

Ever since Star Wars first hit cinemas back in 1977, fans have been asking themselves: “when are we going to get a remote control R2-D2 mini fridge with a built-in hi-def video projector?” The answer to that question, it turns out, is at the Consumer Electronics Show next month in Vegas. Read More >>

Controlling a TV With Your Eyes Makes You Feel Telepathic

Tobii's eye-tracking tech could be what frees us from keyboards and mice, but what if your eyeballs could replace your remote control, too? Haier, of all companies, is trying to make it happen. It's almost superhuman. Read More >>

This Insane Transparent Washer Is Already the Best Vaporware of 2013

At last year's CES, Haier showed off a transparent TV, which never took off for the obvious reason that nobody needs or wants a transparent TV. Today, a great leap forward: a neon, see-through washing machine. This is. The. Future. Read More >>

Haier’s Eye-Controlled Display Could Be the Future of Super-Lazy TV Watching

Why spend the effort messing around using a Wiimote-like remote, or even shouting at the TV, to get it to change channel, when you can just stare at what you want and blink to select? Well, that's Haier's theory anyway, and, amazingly, it actually works. Read More >>

Haier Continues the IFA Magic, Shows Off Transparent and 3D Tech

Haier has quite the interesting take on technology, and surprised us at CES with their brain-controlled TV's and lots and lots of transparent things. This year the company is bringing their innovative tech to IFA yet again, toting transparent televisions and glasses-free 3D among this years offerings. Read More >>

Haier’s Brain-Controlled TV Doesn’t Actually Control Anything

On the floor of CES, tucked away in Haier's booth is a TV set advertising BRAIN CONTROL. I was immediately intrigued. Could I think about wanting to watch the latest episode of Desperate Housewives and have it automatically flash on screen? I had to find out. Read More >>