Physicists Hunt for Secret to Detangling Hair

A team of scientists are using their training in physics to solve some real-world problems—like the optimal strategy for detangling long hair. Read More >>

Fur, Feathers, Hair, and Scales May Have the Same Ancient Origin

New research shows that the processes involved in hair, fur, and feather growth are remarkably similar to the way scales grow on fish—a finding that points to a single, ancient origin of these protective coverings. Read More >>

Scientists Find Another Possible Explanation for Why Hair Goes Gray

Scientists think they’ve stumbled upon a newly discovered mechanism that could explain why some people’s hair turns gray and others become afflicted with patches of unpigmented skin, a rare, stigmatized condition called vitiligo. Their research, published Thursday in PLOS Biology, suggests a gene that regulates the natural pigment melanin also keeps our immune system from turning on itself. Read More >>

Graphene Scientists Invent World’s Most Hardcore Hair Dye

Researchers at Northwestern University think they’ve stumbled upon an unexpected new use for the so-called supermaterial graphene: an easy-to-apply, safer, and sturdier black hair dye that could give other permanent dyes a run for their money. The new dye even made hair immune to frizz and static electricity. Read More >>

Lock of George Washington’s Hair Found Tucked Inside Old Book

While conducting an inventory of archived documents, curators at Union College in Schenectady, New York, discovered strands hair attributed to George Washington, #POTUS1, in an envelope inside a leather book. Read More >>

This Smart Wi-Fi Hairbrush Has to Be CES 2017’s Most Ridiculous Gadget

Withings, you’ve made day. The tech firm’s teamed up with L’Oreal brand Kérastase to create the Kérastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings, a device they all insist is “the world's first-ever smart hairbrush” -- a bona fide game-changer for the morning routine. Read More >>

Haircuts by Drone Unlikely to Catch on

Hey look, some stupid people have done something stupid for the internet, seeing as the entire internet is now little more than a neverending 1991 episode of You've Been Framed. Read More >>

Scientists Have Discovered the First Gene Responsible for Grey Hair

You can blame your parents for some of those grey hairs. A new study has identified the first gene known to be responsible for causing your hair to lose its colour. Read More >>

3d printing
We Can Finally 3D-Print Hair

Could this be the ‘killer app’ for 3D printers that finally makes them a must-have device for every home? Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute have found a way to use 3D printers to create realistic-looking hair, bristles, and other fibres. Read More >>

Man Has New Skull Transplanted On

A 15-hour medical procedure involving around 50 hospital staff has rebuilt several large chunks of the body of James Boysen, after brutal radiation therapy treatment for cancer ravaged his skull and internal organs. Read More >>

Here, Watch Taylor Swift’s New Video on Work Time, it’s Got Gadgets in it

Tron bikes. The video for Taylor Swift's new single Bad Blood has got Tron bikes in it. Everyone likes Tron and Tron is about computers and technology so we're allowed to write about Taylor Swift today and you're allowed to watch it at 720p. It's practically work. Read More >>

Plucking Your Hair Out Could Make it Grow Back Again

Scientists have come up with a new way to make mice live in perpetual discomfort, by spending lots of time plucking the hairs out of the poor things. The reason being that they've found that if hair is plucked out in the right pattern and at the right density, it can cause more to grow back. Read More >>