Deadpool is a Terrible Brand Ambassador and HAL 9000 is Outdated in This Google Assistant Ad

Look, I’m not saying you should buy a Google Assistant. But this ad is brilliant. Read More >>

The Original Murderous Digital Assistant Is Now a Bluetooth Speaker

HAL 9000 is the original suspicious digital assistant. Before we invite Alexa, Google, and Siri into our lives to surveil our every action there was 2001: Space Odyssey’s HAL, an AI so murderous it’s a wonder anyone saw its actions and thought, “you know, not all of this is bad.” But despite the fact that HAL gave us a dozen reasons why trusting computers is dangerous, it’s also, admittedly, really cool looking. So naturally, Master Replica Group has created a near perfect prop reproduction of HAL 9000 for anyone to purchase, and because the company has an affection for functional props, HAL 9000 is also a Bluetooth speaker. Read More >>

This Light-Up HAL 9000 USB Flash Drive Can’t Sing, But Probably Won’t Kill You Either

Master Replicas, makers of some of the finest lightsaber replicas in any galaxy, sadly closed its doors back in 2008. Last year, however, part of its original team opened Master Replicas Group, a new company that’s relaunching with a series of 2001: A Space Odyssey collectibles to start, including a flash drive based on one of Hollywood’s most terrifying villains. Read More >>

Uh, Apple, Did You Think This Through?

The crowd cheered in California on Monday, when Apple announced HomePod, a new smart speaker armed with Siri, the company’s virtual assistant. Minutes later, an image of the product appeared on Apple’s website and, well, holy shit, it looks just like HAL 9000! Is Apple fucking with us? Read More >>

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This Conversation Between HAL 9000 and Samantha from Her Is a Little Creepy

Here’s an excellent re-imagination of two of the most famous depictions of artificial intelligence in film, HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey and Samantha from Her. Tillmann Ohm stitched together the actual dialogue from the films to construct a new conversation between the two. It flows rather well. Read More >>

The F-35 Jet Has a Friendly Built-in R2-D2 Connected to an Evil HAL 9000

DefenseTech has a good summary of a recent segment on news programme 60 Minutes about the F-35, America's most expensive combat airplane. The Pentagon talks about how it uses "Star Wars-level technology". The pilots, however, aren't so enthusiastic. Read More >>

Xbox One Is Basically Going to Be HAL 9000

Freaked out about the "always on" Xbox One creeping on your life? You probably shouldn't be. But if you're one of those people who's afraid of connecting your Xbox to the Internet, love playing old and used games, and hate having a Kinect, this is basically your worst Xbox One nightmare: it's HAL 9000. Read More >>

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Create Your Own HAL 9000 For Under £70

Have you always wanted a computer overlord to watch your every move? To trap you outside the airlock, or attempt to kill you in your sleep? Well, now you can build your own. It even looks the part too. Read More >>

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Watch Siri Turn Into a Home Automation Master With the Help Of Raspberry Pi

With home automation being all the rage these days, it was only a matter of time before Siri got her little, occasionally judgmental claws into the action. All it took was YouTube user Elvis Impersonator, a Raspberry Pi, and enough trust in Siri's goodness to believe she won't devolve into a Hal 9000 wannabe. Read More >>

Dear IBM, Your Computer’s Psychotic—Just Letting You Know

Two years before Stanley Kubrick released 2001: A Space Odyssey, he was starting to worry that IBM would get a little mad when HAL 9000, the computer they helped design, came off, well, psychotic. Read More >>

ThinkGeek’s IRIS 9000: The Best Reason Yet to Buy an iPhone 4S

Sure, Siri is cool. It can make appointments, send emails, and knit you sweaters (unverified), but you have to talk into your hand. That's no fun. And where's the big, red, evil eye? There's got to be a better way! Read More >>