A Hidden Vape Takes This Smoking, 3D-Printed Ghost Rider Costume to the Next Level

‘Tis the season to go completely overboard with costumes and decorations, so when Mike Warren decided on Ghost Rider for his Halloween getup, he knew he’d have to go the extra mile with a wearable glowing skull helmet surrounded in a cloud of smoke. But instead of reaching for the dry ice, he adapted a more modern tool for generating smoke: a vape. Read More >>

NASA’s Killer Pumpkin-Carving Skills Are a Cut Above the Rest

Every Halloween, the folks at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory put everyone else’s jack-o’-lantern game to shame with some heavily engineered pumpkins. This year brought some of the nerdiest entries in the contest’s history. Read More >>

Gizmodo UK’s Halloween Hub of Horrors 2018: Petrifying Pumpkins, Frightful Films and Creepy Costumes

It's almost Halloween! That means it's an excuse to dress up like something spooky, eat a load of sweets and go and annoy strangers by knocking on their door. Well, providing you're under the age of about 12 that is. For the rest of us, it's a chance to complain about how Americanised the UK has become... while secretly looking for an excuse to dress up like a stormtrooper. Read More >>

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Absolutely Nothing Will Go Wrong When MIT Lets the Internet Control a Real Person on Halloween

In a soon-to-launch online social experiment that is definitely in no way going to backfire, researchers with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab are reportedly planning to hand an individual’s free will over to the internet. The experiment, which is titled BeeMe and is being described by MIT as the “first reality augmented game,” will rely on collective commands from online participants to help the individual defeat an evil artificial intelligence program. Read More >>

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Halloween’s Extra Spooky With Michael Jackson’s Thriller Played On Outdated Zombie Technology

There are still a few days left to immerse yourself in everything Halloween before thoughts shift to turkeys and shopping lists. So pull down the blinds, turn up that smoke machine, and put Paweł Zadrożniak’s latest masterpiece on loop as the Floppotron grinds out a wonderful rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’. Read More >>

12 Movies Featuring Ghosts You’d Actually Want to Hang Out With

Ghosts can be very scary—if you need recent evidence of this rather obvious fact, set aside several sleepless nights so you can watch The Haunting of Hill House. However, not all spooks are trying to scare the crap out of you. Some of them are pretty cool! Here are our favourite friendly movie ghosts. Read More >>

How Horror Movies Get Around Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have changed the way people think, act, and communicate. They’ve also been hell on the horror genre. Smartphones have rendered many classic horror movie tropes ridiculous, or even implausible. However, they’ve also provided opportunities to scare us in new and inventive ways. Let’s look at where modern horror has succeeded, and failed, to enter the digital age. Read More >>

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Get in the Halloween Spirit With The Nightmare Before Christmas Theme Played on Spooky Decorations

It’s the perfect time of year to curl up with your favourite festive films as the holidays arrive, staring with Halloween. What’s your favourite spooky flick? A classic horror movie, or something lighter? Leslie Wai clearly has an infinity for the latter, as he’s created a wonderful tribute to Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas by performing “This is Halloween” using nothing but sounds recorded from spooky decorations. Read More >>

Let’s Talk About the Ending of the New Halloween

The new Halloween was a big success this weekend, grossing an estimated $77.5 million over its first weekend. It’s the 11th film in the Halloween franchise, but only the second in the story it’s telling, and that story has an explosive ending that we’re excited to dissect now that the film is out. Read More >>

The 13 Most Iconic TV Witches

Between the CW’s new Charmed and Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, you might be fooled into thinking television witches are having a particular moment. But the truth is, witches have been small-screen staples for over 50 years. Here are 13 TV witches who’ve kept us spellbound. Read More >>

There Are So Many Amazing Halloween Posters It’s Almost Scary

When John Carpenter released Halloween in 1978, he never could have imagined this happening. We don’t mean the abundance of slasher imitators that spawned multiple franchises of their own. We mean all the damn movie posters based on the film! Read More >>

UK-Grown Pumpkinzilla is Third Biggest Fruit Ever

A pumpkin weighing as much as a car has broken the record for the biggest ever indoor-grown pumpkin in the UK. Read More >>

There’s a Sexy Meghan Markle Halloween Costume

The run-up to Halloween is always an exciting time on the internet: people post their cosplay progress on Reddit, tweeters speculate what might be the go-to costume of the year – and someone makes a 'sexy' version of whatever's been in the news. Read More >>

If Online Dating Wasn’t Frightening Enough, London Dating App Adds Halloween Scares

If you're single, living in capital, and looking to find "the one", you may have come across CLiKD, a London-based dating app. It tries to separate itself from the crowd by offering a more "creative" experience than other dating apps, allowing users to answer photo-based questions to find the love of their life. Read More >>