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Alexa Combined With an Animatronic Skull Is a Very Creepy Hack

What’s even more unnerving than an artificially intelligent Big Mouth Billy Bass telling you about the weather? That’s easy. It’s an artificially intelligent animatronic skull telling you about the weather through a set of clacking teeth. The roving eyeballs are the creepiest part. Read More >>

NASA Absolutely Killed the Halloween Pumpkin Carving Competition

Shut it down, NASA wins. They made your pumpkin carving game look like child’s play. You should just give up right now. Put the knife away, set that pumpkin aside and use your time in a more productive manner—like looking at these beautiful pumpkins. Read More >>

Look Out for Genuine Witch Carvings, Says Historic England Trying to be Scary

Historic England would like to remind the people of the UK that Halloween isn't only about eating low-grade confectionary until you start sweating, can't concentrate on anything and really need a poo, and is asking people to look out for real-world signs of the witchcraft world of the olden days. Read More >>

The Giz UK Halloween Hub of Horrors 2016: Fright Films, Crap Costumes, Creepypasta and More

Isn't it scary how quickly another Halloween has come a-knocking? Fear not, we must savour this spooky day in the face of the nation going down Christmas hill once the All Hallows' Eve hangovers have evaporated. Read More >>

10 Quick, Cheap, and Impressively Relevant DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is less than a week away, and your time for finding a costume is almost up... almost. We’ve got a guide to a bunch of quick, cheap, do-it-yourself outfits that also happen to be genuinely good costumes—and they’re not only good, they’re timely, too! If you’re a nerdy procrastinator on a budget, you can’t go wrong with these. Read More >>

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How to Carve Your Halloween Pumpkin in Less Than 30 Seconds

Halloween can be a hectic time what with getting a costume ready, buying sweets, and then re-buying sweets because you ate it all before the 31st. But you can save yourself quite a bit of time when it comes to carving a pumpkin if you can get your hands on a multi-thousand pound waterjet machine. Read More >>

Dad Makes Adorable Thunderstorm Costume for His Daughter

Lots of kids are terrified of thunderstorms, but not Zoey. Her dad, who you might remember from the glowing stick figure costume he made her a few years ago, is back with this over-the-top Princess Cumulus thunderstorm costume that’s as wonderful as it is impractical for actual trick-or-treating. Read More >>

The Netflix Halloween Doorbell Takes Some Building

Netflix has decided to do a Halloween thing, because everyone’s trying to be cool by saying they're all obsessed with the music from Stranger Things, and also because people hate being interrupted by greedy little shits demanding food/money when they're trying to watch terrible horror movies. Mainly the Stranger Things bit though. Read More >>

Sweet-Flinging Lego Bot Deals With Trick-or-Treaters For You

Kids love Halloween because they get to dress up, act like a monster, and be rewarded with free sweets. Then you become an adult, and suddenly have to deal with little monsters demanding free sweets. Halloween is suddenly less fun, unless you build a Lego robot to deal with trick-or-treaters. Read More >>

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Spectacular Halloween Light Show Will Make You Glad You’re Not This Guy’s Neighbour

If you head on over to Deercreek Drive in Riverside, California, and find the house near Orange Terrace Park, you’ll be treated to what has become one of the best Halloween traditions anywhere in the country. There you’ll find one of the most spectacular Halloween light shows imaginable—making you thankful you’re not one of this guy’s neighbours. Read More >>

This Smoking Galaxy Note 7 Costume Has Already Won Halloween

There's always one thing you can count on over Halloween. Sexy versions of costumes that should not be sexy, and a variety of amusing topical costumes. Anyone hoping to put one of the latter costumes together might want to just give up, because you're not beating this Note 7-themed fire hazard costume from imgur user excit3d. Read More >>

Hero Terrorises Public With Drone-Mounted Angel of Death

“And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.” - Revelation 6:8 Read More >>

Gizmodo Frights: The Spookiest Phobias From the Wikipedia of Fear

I am afraid of everything, and for good reason: the world can be a really miserable and terrifying place. There are some things, however, I fear for no tangible reason. Like the number eleven. It freaks me out. A lot. You know what’s even worse than eleven? One hundred and eleven. I’m writing these numbers out because I will panic if I see that many ones next to each other. On my quest to figure out why on earth eleven has some inherently evil quality only I can perceive, I found a beautiful website called Phobia Wiki. Here’s its mission statement: Read More >>

Your Harry Potter Party Needs This Self-Writing Spellbook Prop

Is late-August too early to start planning a Halloween party that’s still over two months away? Obviously not. If anything it gives you plenty of time to order magical props and decor like this animated spellbook with a moving quill that appears to magically write spells all on its own. Read More >>

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Should You Become a Corpse This Halloween, Drink a Corpse Reviver

“There are no Halloween cocktails,” someone once said on Twitter, and they might be right. I tried to find a pumpkin one that didn’t taste like baby food and I failed—no pumpkin spice martini for you. Fear not, I wouldn’t leave you out in the cold: A Corpse Reviver is the perfect Halloween treat. Read More >>