An 8-Socket 3000 Volt Surge Protector Is Your “Take That Lightning, You’ll Never Get Me” Deal of the Day

Sure, we're all pretty pleased with ourselves and the near-infinite number of electronic gadgets that we've got lying around our dwellings, but don't forget that we need to plug them in to the power supply to keep them running. Read More >>

Apple Let a Hilariously Fake “Halo 4” into the App Store

Did you guys hear about the Halo 4 port on iPhone and iPad? Apparently Microsoft and 343 Industries have the whole thing running on both the iPhone and iPad and it's just five bucks and the only difference is it's just a chess game and not even a little related to Halo. Oh. Read More >>

A Wii U or Microsoft Surface Is Your Work-or-Play Deal of the Day

We're dizzy with New Technology Fever here in Dealz Corner today. All the shiny, brand spanking new stuff, and yours for some pretty reasonable prices too. Read More >>

A Nook Simple Touch For Just £60 Is Your Kindle-Killer Deal of the Day

The mighty Amazon Kindle now has a serious rival in the UK -- yes, the Nook is finally here, after making a trek on the slow boat from North America. Read More >>

Halo 4 Takes Over a Whole Freaking Country

As PR stunts go, this is one heck of a big one. Microsoft's taken over the whole of Lichtenstein with Halo 4; Master Chief, Warthogs, and monument take-overs included. A whole European country turned into something that looks like it came straight out of the game. Incredible. Read More >>

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This Halo 4 Gameplay Launch Trailer Looks Absolutely Incredible

Is it me or does Halo 4 look absolutely incredible for current generation gaming? I know being all purple and shiny makes it easier to look awesome, but blimey, if the rest of the game looks this good, who needs the next gen gaming consoles? Read More >>

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David Fincher’s Live-Action Halo 4 Launch Trailer Is Truly Epic

Microsoft's really turned up the heat in the marketing department for Halo 4. It got David Fincher -- he of Fight Club -- to produce this truly terrifying, yet awesome launch trailer. The results are epic, I just wish they'd make a whole damn Halo film just like it. Read More >>

Play Halo 4 Early and Get Banned Forever

In a wholly unsurprising move, Microsoft's taking the ban hammer to anyone and everyone who fires up that leaked Halo 4 image on their Xbox Live-connected console. You may get to play if before everyone else, but you'll never connect to Xbox Live again. Read More >>

Halo 4 Gets Leaked Onto BitTorrent a Month Before Release

Halo 4 isn't set to hit store shelves until next month, but that hasn't stopped both the physical game discs from leaking out into the wild, and the ISO hitting BitTorrent for pirates everywhere to get their grubby mitts on nice and early. Read More >>

These Are the Awesome New Guns You’ll Be Blasting People Away With in Halo 4

We've seen some gameplay from Halo 4, and even a making-of documentary that rolled more like an awesome extended trailer. Now, take a gander at the wicked-looking new "Promethean" weapons you'll be blasting the crap out of each other with in the Master Chief's 4th proper outing. Read More >>

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This 10-Minute Halo 4 Documentary Is More Like an Epic Trailer

343 Industries, the studio producing the latest instalment in the Halo franchise, has put together a making-of documentary for Halo 4. But instead of the normal, drab and dreary talking heads that bore you to death, it plays more like a massive, 10-minute Halo 4 trailer, and is well worth a watch. Read More >>

A Full Suit of Body Armour Is Your “This Is How I Fend Off the Ladies” Deal of the Day

Looking to stand out from the crowd, while being aware of possible threats to your person? We’ve found an outfit that is (literally) tailor-made for your specific needs. Read More >>

Halo 4 Is Coming to Microsoft’s Surface Tablets

Microsoft said it was done letting Apple walk all over it, and it seems gaming is going to be one of the battle grounds in its new mobile war. It's announced that Halo 4 will work on its new Surface tablets -- has mobile gaming just been turned up a notch? Read More >>

A Whole Bunch of Free Festival Tickets Is Your Where-the-Hell-Did-Summer-Go Deal of the Day

Okay, so the Great British summer hasn't exactly gotten going yet, but once it does, it'll be okay for us to start thinking about getting to some kind of festival or other. Read More >>

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Official Halo 4 Trailer to Show During the England Game Tonight

If you drooled over the latest Master Chief-outing gameplay trailers we saw back in March, you might want to tune into the football on ITV tonight. The official live-action Halo 4 trailer will play during the England v France Euro 2012 game. Read More >>