BlackBerry’s Next Phone Doesn’t Appear to be a BlackBerry at All

Confusing as it sounds, it appears that BlackBerry’s upcoming handset -- the Hamburg -- will actually be manufactured by a completely different company. Which would sort of make it a non-BlackBerry BlackBerry, as it’s also set to run Android. Read More >>

These Apartments Grow Their Own A/C

A newly completed 15-unit apartment building in Hamburg Germany is already turning heads. Though, with a facade covered in sun-tracking algae tanks, it's hard not to stare. Read More >>

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The World’s Largest Model Railroad Adds the World’s Largest Model Airport

With expansions planned all the way to 2020, the world's largest model railroad just opened its latest addition: a 1,600-square-foot model airport, chock full of tiny aircraft support vehicles, hangers, terminals, and passengers. Read More >>