This Vibrating Pen Would Be Great for Prison Tattoos 

When artist Georges-Pierre Seurat painted his famous A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, he painstakingly added every dot of paint, one by one, until his masterpiece was complete. It was a technique that’s come to be known as pointillism, and thanks to this vibrating electronic pen, the process is now far less excruciating. Read More >>

A Tiny Drivable Jaguar Replica Might Be the Perfect Car For Big City Commutes

The worst parts of driving to work in a crowded city are the traffic and finding parking. But with a fifth-scale replica of a Jaguar XK120 in your garage that’s small enough to squeeze inside a lift, suddenly you’re not limited to just driving on roads, or finding parking in a busy garage. Read More >>

Check Out This Most Sensational, Inspirational, Celebrational, Muppetational Cuckoo Clock

The original Muppet Show has long since left the airwaves, but with this Muppets-themed cuckoo clock hanging on your wall you can relive the series with a sound and light show at the top of every hour. Read More >>

This Tiny Toolbox Transforms Into an Entire Woodshop

Who hasn't stumbled across an episode of Home Improvement on a lazy Saturday afternoon and dreamed of being as skilled a woodworker as Tim Allen? Read More >>

You Can’t Buy These Underwater Iron Man Thrusters Without US Gov’t Approval

If you combined the Argos catalogue with the Christmas list of some spoiled rich kid you'd end up with Hammacher Schlemmer: an impossible menagerie of everything from shoe polishers, to talking scales, to this amazing set of underwater thrusters that you wear like a pair of Iron Man's trousers. If there's a better way to spend £18,707 we haven't seen it. Read More >>

Forget the Freezer, This Device Chills a Beer Glass in Just 10 Seconds

When you want a cold one, you usually don't have the time to wait for your pint glass to actually get frosty sitting in a fridge. So you probably settle for a less satisfying can or bottle—a compromise you'll never have to make again with this countertop glass frosting contraption. Read More >>

This £18,000 Vibrating Waterbed Syncs to You Heart Rate

People, muster up all your creative juices and imagine the most ridiculous bed you can think of. Is it a waterbed? Obviously. Can it play music from your iPhone? Totally. Does it vibrate to the beat of that music? Yes, it can. Can it sync 50 LED lights to the beating of your heart? Yup. Read More >>

This Speaker-Packed Wagon Redefines A Party On Wheels

Forget pulling a wagon filled with kids. If you really want to enjoy a day at the beach you'll hit the sand with this speaker-packed wagon in tow. A pair of 12-volt batteries power the Blastmaster XL's 2,000 watt sound system for up to 40 hours of non-stop partying, and yes, it comes with cup holders. Read More >>

Composite Fibre Pogo Stick Inspires a Whole New Generation to Break Their Necks

Like the hoop and stick or the ball and cup, the pogo stick is another children's toy that just hasn't been able to compete with video games and other electronic distractions. But you know what's sure to get kids bouncing again? A pogo stick with a composite fibre bow spring capable of launching them up to four feet into the air. Read More >>

This Armoured Booze Carrier Keeps Your Drinks In Check

Ahhhhlcohol. Going hand in hand with summer and barbecues, you always have to keep a look out on your own beers as the most eagle-eyed among friends will hound on the first free can they can spot. But fret no longer, as you can give 'em a squirt with this RC booze carrier to keep would-be thieves at bay, while you drive your cans to your beverage-thirsty self. Excellent. Read More >>

Crazy Four Player Ping Pong Adds Elements Of Pool

In the grand tradition of Calvinball, this four player table tennis setup looks like it borrows elements from other games. Including ping pong and billiards; mashing them up into a new creation that's ready to destroy friendships. Read More >>

This Motorized Big Wheel Looks All Sorts of Deadly

Do you have more money than sense? Really? Fantastic! That qualifies you to purchase this 60HP, three-wheeled contraption from Hammacher Schlemmer for a mere £48,000. Read More >>