Hamsters Become Talented Self-Portrait Artists While Running on This Wheel

As far as pets go, hamsters rate somewhere just above goldfish when it comes to entertainment value. But watching them run for hours inside a tiny plastic wheel is far more satisfying when their miniature treadmills are part of a larger contraption that sketches hamster self-portraits at the same time. Someone put this rodent in a gallery. [Vimeo via Laughing Squid] Read More >>

X-Ray Video Reveals How a Hamster Can Stuff So Much Food In Its Cheeks

If you thought you could wreck a buffet like it was nobody's business, think again. If hamsters were the size of humans, they would certainly be barred from many all-you-can-eat restaurants. Because using X-ray video, a recent BBC documentary decided to find out just how a hamster was able to stuff away so much food, and the secret is all about more cargo space than meets the eye. Read More >>

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Tiny Hamsters Eat Tiny Cakes for a Super Silly Tiny Birthday Party

After enjoying a tiny burrito two months ago, tiny hamster just went to a birthday party for his prickly friend tiny porcupine. Like most human birthday parties, the miniature animals were served birthday cakes. It seemed like tiny hamster enjoyed his cake more than tiny porcupine though. Read More >>

Drunk Politics Student Fried a Dead Hamster

Student James White, 21, admitted to frying up his flatmate's hamster, after an extreme case of the drunken nibbles went tragically wrong. Read More >>