The Tragic Tale of Atomic Man, One of the Most Radioactive Humans Ever

For the first time since the accident in 1976, workers at Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington are planning to clean out the room where chemicals exploded in Harold McCluskey's face, showering him with radiation 500 times the occupational limit and embedding radioactive americium in his skull, turning him into the Atomic Man. Read More >>

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The Sludge-Busting MARS Arm Blasts Away Radioactive Waste

In 1943, the US government needed a reliable center for processing the Manhattan Project's nuclear material. Officials chose the 568-acre Hanford site in the deserts of Washington State to house nine nuclear reactors and 143 single-walled, underground waste tanks. Fast-forward 68 years and the US government is still working at Hanford — not as a research facility, but as one of the country's most polluted Superfund sites. Read More >>