A Clothes Drying Hanger Saves You a Trip to the Laundrette

You can quickly wash a soiled shirt in your bathroom sink, but if you don’t have a clothes dryer then you can forget about wearing it right away. Hanging it to dry takes hours, unless the hanger you’re using is actually this compact clothes dryer from Thanko. Read More >>

These Sleek Hangers Swap Hooks for Magnets

These sleek hangers, designed by German-Latvian agency Flow Design, look like something's missing. Don't worry, though: they've simply swapped the hooks for magnets. Read More >>

These Delicious Wall Hangers Look Just Like Biscuits

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Hanging Rope Coatrack Doesn’t Waste an Inch of Floor Space

If you live in a small flat, you probably don't have enough floor space to donate to a coat rack. But if you still need a place to drop your coat, you'll be gobsmacked by this brilliantly simple hanging roberope with five molded hooks along its length. Read More >>