Does Your Community Have These Happy Neighbourhood Traits?

Certain aspects of a neighbourhood, including its ethnic diversity and the availability of public transit, are associated with better reported well-being among residents, according to a study published Wednesday in PLOS One. Read More >>

Married People Are Even More Annoyingly Happy Than We Thought

If it weren’t already vomit-inducing to see your social feeds taken over by newly married friends’ smug selfies and declarations of love, a pair of new studies released this week will only add to the resentment: Married couples who stay together ultimately end up happier and healthier than everyone else. Read More >>

Disney World Now Makes Toddlers Get Fingerprint Scans

The Most Magical Place on Earth has started scanning the fingers of three-year-olds in an effort to prevent ticket fraud, because you can never be too careful about tiny babies that have only just started communicating properly. Read More >>

Cute Animation Shows the Guide to What Makes People Happy

Money. Cars. Sex. Accomplishment. Things. They all make us happy. But drugs and alcohol and addiction all feed the dopamine meter too. So what truly makes us happy? Panoply made this animation detailing a guide to happiness and it’s a fun watch, just to see the cool animation. Read More >>

Scientists Create Equation for Happiness

Researchers from University College London have come up with that weird bit of advanced squiggly maths, which apparently has the ability to accurately predict the happiness of a sample group of people. Read More >>

Think You’re Happy?

Everyone wants to be happy, and there are a million and one tips, mantras, books and belief systems that are supposed to give you a helping hand -- for a price, of course. And with one in five Britons suffering from depression, it's no wonder that we'll pay up. But even if you think that you're doing OK in the happiness department, the question still remains; how can you be absolutely sure you're not faking it? Read More >>

Everyone on Twitter Is Increasingly Depressed

"It appears that happiness is going down," says a University of Vermont researcher and head of a new study on wellbeing. The proof? Twitter, of course. Millions of users point to a global depression of an entirely non-monetary kind. Read More >>