Scientists Discover a Tiny Monster in Canada’s Arctic Ice

No one said that monsters needed to be big or even scary. But when James Dwight Dana first spotted one strange plankton species back in the 19th century, he knew he had something weird on his hands. “Little monster,” Monstrilla seemed like as good a name as any. After all, scientists can name species after pretty much anything, even penises. Read More >>

Start Your Halloween Night by Watching Elephants Pulverise Giant Pumpkins

Everybody has their own Halloween tradition, whether it’s taking chocolate from strangers or doing shots of vile flavoured vodka. But the elephant family at the Oregon Zoo’s annual “Squishing of the Squash” its hands-down my favourite. Read More >>

A Giant Drill Almost Tore Through a Packed NYC Subway Car

A whole bunch of commuters almost got to star in their very own horror movie yesterday when a rogue contractor accidentally bored through an F-train subway tunnel with a 10-inch drill bit. So, uh, happy Halloween—or something. Read More >>