weather forecasting
The BBC’s Haptic Weather Forecast Machine Lets You Feel the Weather

The BBC has cooked up a new way to deliver the weather forecast using haptic technology - although it's only an internal prototype right now, so don't get too excited. Read More >>

ces 2019
CES 2019: Razer’s Full Suite of Haptic Feedback Peripherals Made My Booty Shake

Razer’s gotten a little more realistic with its concepts recently. It used to be it would show off things like a three-screen laptop that defied logic. Now it’s showing off concepts that feel like natural progressions of what the company has on the market. Take haptic feedback. Razer already has a headset that vibrates along with the games you play – rumbling when there’s a loud noise. That product, the Razer Nari Ultimate, went on sale late last year for £200. But what if it wasn’t the only thing trembling? The Razer Hypersense concept adds rumble to a chair, mouse, and even a keyboard armrest. Read More >>

virtual reality
Five Ludicrous Controllers That Help You Touch the Virtual World

Virtual Reality is great but also problematic. The Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Galaxy Gear VR all let us see new, virtual worlds but none of them let us touch it. How do you physically feel what's not really there? Maybe with one of these crazy controllers. Read More >>

A Robotic Moving Touchscreen That Touches Back

Microsoft Research has come up with a clever way to let users actually feel what they're interacting with on a touchscreen. And it doesn't involve complex finger contraptions, or bulky gloves. Instead, the researchers simply installed the display on a robotic mount that moves in response to where and what is being touched, simulating an interaction with what's on-screen. Read More >>

Future Haptic Technologies Will Replicate Different Buttons and Textures on Touchscreens

The lack of any tactile feedback makes it difficult to type or play games on a touchscreen device. So Swiss researchers have developed a new haptic interface that uses microscopic vibrations that could one day make touchscreens feel like they have individual buttons, or even distinct textures. Can I interest you in a furry iPad? Read More >>