Twitter’s Struggles With Moderating Online Abuse Continue

Twitter has thrown a lot at its rampant harassment problem over the years, from slapping on more abuse filters to purchasing an entire company to help them wrangle its online hellscape. But apparently abiding by that old adage “see something, say something” is one step too far for good ol’ Jack. Read More >>

YouTube Deletes “Pick-Up Artist” Accounts Ahead of BBC Shaming

The BBC is about to screen two documentaries investigating grim YouTube "pick-up" channels, so isn't it an enormous coincidence that YouTube has just deleted two of the most notorious purveyors of this entirely wrong sort of advice? Read More >>

YouTube Said It Was Getting Serious About Hate Speech. Why Is It Still Full of Extremists?

Last month, YouTube announced a site-wide change to its hate speech policy, saying it would no longer tolerate videos promoting Nazism, white supremacy, or any other content “alleging that a group is superior in order to justify discrimination, segregation or exclusion” of others due to qualities like race, gender, or sexual orientation. Read More >>

YouTube CEO Says She’s ‘Really Sorry’ She Can’t Ban the LGBQT Harassment, It’s Too Hard

As we continue to watch social media giants fumble their half-baked policies around hate speech and harassment, one of the most visible blunders recently has been YouTube’s mishandling of videos with homophobic and racist comments about one of its creators by another. During an interview at Code this week, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki offered a weak defence of the company’s inaction by claiming the platform needs to have “consistent policies.” Read More >>

‘We Want YouTube to Remove Crowder’: Googlers Gear Up to Protest at Pride Events

YouTube dug a great big hole for itself earlier this week when its PR bungled its response to the ongoing harassment of a journalist by a far-right pundit. Internally, the backlash from employees at its parent company is growing as LGBTQ and allied workers mobilise to demand a satisfactory response. Read More >>

Google Agreed to Pay Execs Accused of Sexual Harassment Over £100 Million

Following the revelations of a £70 million golden parachute to Andy Rubin, a former Google executive accused of sexually harassing a subordinate, a recently unsealed complaint shows the company approved a further £34 million send-off to Amit Singhal, the company’s former senior vice president. Read More >>

Rotten Tomatoes is Changing its Audience Rating System Because of Trolls

Even though the general public has not yet had the chance to see Captain Marvel, that didn’t stop trolls from preemptively trashing the film on Rotten Tomatoes in what can only be described as an sexism-fuelled attempt at convincing people that a movie about a female superhero couldn’t possibly be good. Now, the ratings site is taking action to deal with the problem. Read More >>

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: I Suck and the Problem Is the Whole Site

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, whose platform has become synonymous with yelling, trolling, and a less-than-stable president who uses it for incoherent rants and threats of nuclear annihilation, is in a tough spot: Many if not most of the criticisms of his site are accurate, and Dorsey’s tactic of choice when responding to them is usually sputtering out a bunch of five-dollar words about how he needs to make unspecified changes. Read More >>

Enforced Hugs Are Bad For Business, Finds Ted Baker

Retail chain Ted Baker's shares have fallen to a three-year low after accusations of enforced hugging by founder Ray Kelvin went public last week. Read More >>

Former Manager Says Facebook Discriminates Against, Excludes Black Users and Staff

A former Facebook strategic partner manager for global influencers, Mark S. Luckie, sent a 2,500 word memo to all of the company’s employees before his departure in November saying the company has “a black people problem,” the Guardian reported. Read More >>

Google Contractors Say Reporting Process for Sexual Misconduct Remains Flawed

Last week, thousands of Google staffers walked out of their offices and into the streets in what is perhaps the largest collective protest of tech workers in history. The demonstration, which included Google offices across several continents, was sparked by reports that the company offered lucrative exit packages to multiple top executives accused of sexual misconduct. The impressive solidarity among Google’s workforce marked the industry’s big Time’s Up moment. Read More >>

Facebook Makes It Easier to Report Bullies

Facebook is taking steps to hinder harassment on the social media platform with an array of new anti-bullying tools. Read More >>

Twitter’s New Ban on ‘Dehumanising Speech’ May Finally Shut Up Some Nazis

Twitter is expanding its rules on hateful conduct and will soon police “dehumanising speech” on its platform. It's the move that could help stamp out some of the vilest content on the social network—if the company can adequately enforce it. Read More >>

We Need to Study the Effects of Revenge Porn on Mental Health

Leah Juliett was 14 when nude photos of her were circulated throughout her school without her consent. She had sent the photos privately to a boy, who then shared them with fellow students. Read More >>

star wars
People in Positions of Power Need to Help Shut Down Vitriolic Fan Behaviour

If you’ve spent literally any time on the internet interacting with fans of pretty much any genre franchise, like Ghostbusters, Star Trek, or Star Wars, then you know that what begins as an impassioned debate can quickly descend into hostile, vitriolic trolling. Read More >>