Facebook Makes It Easier to Report Bullies

Facebook is taking steps to hinder harassment on the social media platform with an array of new anti-bullying tools. Read More >>

Twitter’s New Ban on ‘Dehumanising Speech’ May Finally Shut Up Some Nazis

Twitter is expanding its rules on hateful conduct and will soon police “dehumanising speech” on its platform. It's the move that could help stamp out some of the vilest content on the social network—if the company can adequately enforce it. Read More >>

We Need to Study the Effects of Revenge Porn on Mental Health

Leah Juliett was 14 when nude photos of her were circulated throughout her school without her consent. She had sent the photos privately to a boy, who then shared them with fellow students. Read More >>

star wars
People in Positions of Power Need to Help Shut Down Vitriolic Fan Behaviour

If you’ve spent literally any time on the internet interacting with fans of pretty much any genre franchise, like Ghostbusters, Star Trek, or Star Wars, then you know that what begins as an impassioned debate can quickly descend into hostile, vitriolic trolling. Read More >>

Uber Plans to Stop Giving Drivers a Log of Your Exact Pickup and Drop-Off Locations

In a pilot programme launching this week, Uber will begin obscuring riders’ exact pickup and drop-off locations in the trip history displayed to drivers. Instead, it will display a broader location area. Read More >>

Former Engineer Suing Google: ‘It Sucks to Be a Woman in Tech’

Loretta Lee, an ex-Google engineer who filed a lawsuit against her former employer last month, posted a blog to her website Unicorn Techie today decrying the state of gender inclusion in software engineering and the tech industry in general. “The reason there are so few women in tech,” she writes, “is because it sucks to be a woman in tech.” Read More >>

Sri Lanka Blocked Facebook This Week for Allegedly Spreading Hate Speech and Violence

The government of Sri Lanka ordered internet and mobile service providers to temporarily block Facebook and its subsidiaries WhatsApp and Instagram, as well as separate messaging service Viber, this week as part of a crackdown on what officials said was rampant online hate speech fuelling real-life violence. Read More >>

Science Organisations Cancel Lawrence Krauss Events After Sexual Harassment Allegations

For years, women have quietly warned each other to stay away from Lawrence Krauss, the internationally lauded theoretical physicist and torchbearer for the secular, sceptic, and atheist movement, according to a BuzzFeed News investigation published on Thursday. Now, multiple organisations have cancelled events featuring Krauss and dis-invited him from others. Read More >>

Unwanted Simulated ‘Hugs’ and ‘Back Rubs’ May Now Qualify as Harassment by FreeBSD

Last week, open-source software developer FreeBSD Project updated its code of conduct to address nonconsensual “simulated physical contact” as a form of harassment. That means that sending someone descriptions of physical contact like a “hug” or a “backrub” without their consent, or after they have asked you to stop, are violations of the guidelines governing the company’s community spaces. Read More >>

Twitter Says It Will Crack Down on Posts Encouraging Others to Harm Themselves

Twitter, the social media website best known for ignoring its abuse problem until it metastasized into a full-blown presidency, has as of late been trying to change its image. It’s stripped some far-right and white supremacist users of their verified badges and banned others, as well as rolled out what it says is harsher enforcement of rules against abuse, sexual and racial harassment, and threats of violence. Read More >>

Two Additional Gamers Named in Fatal US ‘Swatting’ Death

Two additional gamers have been named in a court case involving a Los Angeles man who allegedly phoned in a hoax emergency call over a Call of Duty friendly-fire dispute, resulting in a Wichita, Kansas police sniper shooting and killing an innocent man. Read More >>

Major Hacker Conference Organisers Accused of Ignoring Harassment, Enabling Abusers

This week, at the prominent hacking conference Chaos Communication Congress (CCC), Iranian-Canadian internet researcher Mahsa Alimardani was scheduled to give a talk on censorship and surveillance in Iran. But during the presentation, Alimardani decided to go off-topic, taking a moment to highlight allegations of assault and harassment made by current and former conference attendees, displaying a slide of their tweets and blog post onstage. Read More >>

Uber Lawsuit Lists Actionable Changes Uber Could Make to Prevent Sexual Assault

On Tuesday, two anonymous women filed a lawsuit against Uber on behalf of individuals who have experienced “rape, sexual assault, physical violence, and gender-motivated harassment” by Uber drivers. The lawsuit states that both women were sexually assaulted by their Uber drivers, and accuses Uber of creating a system that fails at both preventing and handling these incidents of sexual violence. Read More >>

DC Comics Has Suspended Editor Eddie Berganza Amidst Allegations of Sexual Harassment

This week, BuzzFeed News published the accounts of multiple women who alleged that they were sexually harassed by DC comics group editor Eddie Berganza while working for the publisher. Today, DC acknowledged the accusations being levelled against Berganza and made its first official statement. Read More >>

silicon valley
Robert Scoble’s Flawed Understanding of Sexual Harassment

Multiple women have come forward accusing tech evangelist Robert Scoble of sexual harassment and assault. His former Rackspace colleague Michelle Greer and journalist Quinn Norton both accused Scoble of groping them in the early 2010s. Scoble responded to the accusations in an interview with USA Today, alleging that the sexual harassment happened at a time when he was struggling with a drinking problem, which he ultimately went to AA for in 2015. Read More >>