Your External Hard Drive Can Finally Join Your Computer’s Trippy Light Show

If you’re someone who can’t work, play, or kill time online without your desktop PC blinding you with a spectacle of flashing LEDs, ASUS will now let your external hard drive join the desktop rave. The company’s new FX HDD drive includes its own set of LEDs, illuminating a circuit trace pattern that will sync to the glowing patterns flashing across all of your other devices. Read More >>

Seagate Says Its New Laptop Hard Drives Are The Fastest Ever

Solid-state drives are all well and good — they’re bloody fast — but if you want a decent amount of storage capacity, you’re going to be paying through the nose. Seagate has two new mobile hard drives that you can install into any 2.5-inch laptop bay — one of them is the world’s fastest, thinnest and lightest 2TB drive, while the other has a ridiculous five terabytes of space. Read More >>

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The Nine Weirdest Data Storage Devices Ever Created

Storage devices have taken many strange forms over history. We’ve seen everything from an old 19th-century loom to massive data centres that power companies like Facebook and Google. But along the way, some truly weird devices tried to change how we save our precious data bits. Read More >>

Wow, Samsung’s New 16 Terabyte SSD Is the World’s Largest Hard Drive

Gone are the days when you have to sacrifice size for speed with an SSD drive in your laptop. At the Flash Memory Summit in California, Samsung just revealed a new 2.5-inch SSD drive with an incredible 16 terabytes of storage. It’s not only the world’s largest SSD—it’s actually now the world’s largest hard drive, period. Read More >>

Seagate’s Xbox One 2TB Hard Drive Laughs at 50GB Game Installs

Right, let's not beat around the bush here. Seagate's new 2TB "Game Drive" hard drive for the Xbox One does nothing special that any other old USB 3.0 external hard drive can't already do. But, if you're a stickler for keeping your gaming accessories to a single visual theme, the Game Drive certainly looks the part. Read More >>

New WD My Passport External Hard Drives Come With Cases to Match Your Outfit

Western Digital has updated its line of My Passport Ultra and My Passport for Mac portable hard drives. Kicking off in 500GB sizes and going up to 3TB, the drives are both Mac and PC compatible, featuring 256-bit AES hardware encryption and USB 3.0 connectivity. So far, so standard. Read More >>

Google Has Been Indexing Network-Connected Back-Up Drives

Connecting a hard drive to your home network is a smart idea: it can let you access your files no matter where you are. But now it seems that, in some cases, Google has been indexing the private files held on such devices. Read More >>

Why ‘C’ is the Default Hard Drive Letter in So Many Computers

For nearly as long as hard disk drives have been placed in personal computers running certain popular operating systems (notably MS-DOS/Windows), the primary hard disk has been designated with the letter “C”. But why? Read More >>

A Tiny Old Hard Drive Makes a Badass Nerdy Watch

As the world becomes increasingly (and justifiably) dominated by flash storage, old fashioned hard disk drives are becoming increasingly (and justifiably) useless. But slap a set of hands and a quartz movement on one, and boom! You've got yourself a pretty awesome-looking watch. Read More >>

This New Wireless Hard Drive Cuts Out Cords and Adds an SD Card Slot

External hard drives are essential; the cords they come with are a pain. And finally, after watching its competitors go wireless one by one, Western Digital has joined the party. My Passport Wireless does away with cords, and adds a nifty built-in SD card slot as a nice little bonus. Read More >>

LaCie’s New Rugged Thunderbolt Drive Doesn’t Need a Cord

If you are a filmmaker who spends a lot of time on the road, LaCie's new rugged Thunderbolt drive should be on your wishlist. It's wrapped up in a neat little IP-54-rated water- and drop-resistant package, with the cord already attached. And it's about as fast as they come. Read More >>