Terry Pratchett’s Unfinished Bits Destroyed by Steamroller

A collection of earthly remains of literary legend Terry Pratchett were destroyed this weekend, as a steamroller was called into action to destroy a hard drive allegedly containing unfinished novels and ideas left behind by the great author. Read More >>

How to Choose the Right Processor and Motherboard

How you do choose the brains of the operation when you’re piecing together your own PC? This guide will take some of the guesswork out of the decision for you. Read More >>

The Coolest Hardware Shown Off at E3 2017

E3 is is just finishing off and that means there's a lot of crazy gaming gear to look over! From Microsoft’s latest Xbox to a tiny Atari 2600, here’s the coolest stuff we saw this week. Read More >>

Gamers Love Nostalgia, So Someone Is Bringing Back the Original Xbox’s Gigantic Controllers

Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition, which was nearly impossible to find from its initial release right up until the company stopped making it, proved gamers are hungry for nostalgia. But has 16 years been long enough for Microsoft fans to feel similarly nostalgic for the original Xbox’s gigantic controllers? Read More >>

iMac Pro Is Apple’s New Super-Powered Workhorse

In addition to updated iMacs, MacBooks, and MacBook Pros, today at Apple’s WWDC conference the company unveiled its new high-end workstation called the iMac Pro, featuring the same all-in-one design, but packed with enough power to make this the most powerful Mac computer to date, claims apple. Read More >>

What You Need to Know About  Max-Q, Nvidia’s Plan to Make Gaming Laptops That Aren’t Monstrosities

When you think gaming and laptops, images of massive, dictionary-thick machines come to mind. Notebook computers purpose-built for PC gaming are only barely portable, but Nvidia wants to change that with a new approach to hardware and software design for laptops called Max-Q that lets mobile gamers have their cake, and easily carry it too. Read More >>

The Best Gear for Upgrading Your Video Game Console

Microsoft and Sony aren’t planning to upgrade their flagship consoles for a few months yet, but you can still improve your gaming experience with some well-chosen accessories—even if the hardware at the core of the system stays the same. Read More >>

Logitech’s Compact Gaming Keyboard Is Still Hulkish But a Joy to Use

Esports are big business now. And with millions of dollars wrapped up in prizes and sponsorship, hardware makers are starting to cater to a new category of athlete. But while the resulting gear might be designed with professional gamers in mind, it turns out it can be pretty fantastic for the rest of us too. Read More >>

Guy Builds a Portable SNES That’s Basically the Switch’s Great-Great-Grandfather

It sounds like the best thing the new Nintendo Switch has going for it, at least at launch, is a new Legend of Zelda game. That makes it a hard sell, especially when this custom portable Super Nintendo already has a massive library of classic 16-bit games — most of which are probably collecting dust in your parents’ basement. Read More >>

This Gingerbread Apple II Computer Is Perfectly Edible Inside and Out

If you’re looking for a quick hit of internet fame around Christmas, consider baking up some gingerbread and making anything but a house. So far we’ve seen crashed Enterprises and Death Stars, but a gingerbread Apple II computer, complete with edible circuitboards inside, easily wins Christmas this year. Read More >>

You Can Play Now Doom on Your Keyboard

Forget processor speed, storage, memory, screen resolution, and even apps. The real test of a gadget’s worth is whether or not it can run Doom, which means that the Optimus Maximus keyboard, with it’s re-programmable LCD keys, is finally worth dropping £1,200+ on. Read More >>

How to Get The Best Sound Quality From Your Laptop

Whether you’re gaming, watching movies, or streaming Spotify, there are likely to be times when your laptop’s default sound setup doesn’t quite hit the highs and lows you’re looking for. If you don’t want to settle for subpar audio any longer, there are ways to improve it, and we’ve outlined some of the best below. Read More >>

Relax, the iPhone 7 DOES Have a Brighter Display Than the 6S

Squeezed somewhere between the headphone jack, waterproofing and new home button info at Apple’s iPhone 7 launch event was a little announcement about the handset’s display. According to Apple, it’s 25% brighter than the one of the iPhone 6S, capable of hitting a top mark of 625 nits. Read More >>

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How To Digitise Your Old Music and Videos at Home

If you’re looking to create digital copies of your old video tapes, vinyl, and cassettes, it can be difficult to know where to start with so many different approaches and hardware setups out there. Our approach should be simple enough for everyone to follow. Here’s what to need to know about creating digital versions of your favourite old movies and music. Read More >>

The iPhone 7 Plus May Have Got That RAM Boost After All

Unsurprisingly but still annoyingly, Apple decided not to talk about RAM at its Wednesday iPhone launch, instead choosing to focus purely on the new A10 Fusion processor. That led many of us to just assume that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus featured 2GB of the stuff -- the same as their predecessors. Read More >>